Angela McCathy

3 January 2005

My name is Angela McCarthy and I am currently studying chemistry, business studies, English literature and art and design. This year, I will be applying for university, hoping to read law. In my spare time I enjoy horse riding and when I get the chance, often spend time at the stables. At weekends I socialise with my friends and enjoy a lively nightlife in which I can dance and meet new people.

Although it can sometimes be tiring, those who know me know of my competitive nature and my determined drive to achieve. However, with this comes my tendency to worry too much, which is one of the reasons I chose to apply for the trip to India . If I could witness first hand, the way in which others live, I can learn to further appreciate how privileged I have come to be. I hope it will put my own life into perspective as the things that seem important to me, and cause my own apprehension will eventually seem trivial in comparison the things that those in India may face.

I find the thought of interacting with people from an entirely different background interesting and hope to be given the opportunity to help out and do something worthwhile with my time. The trip will also give me the chance to travel and see more of the world, while facing new challenges with a team of students who are fun to be around. I expect my trip to India will enlighten me to other cultures and situations and be an experience I will never forget.