Udayan and Steve Waugh

12 February 2005

Having been promised a late start this morning, we stayed up late last night drinking (only kidding!), but it turned out that our route to Udayan was barred by an illegal Communist rally, and so we had to get up early anyway! The things that happen in India!

After taking a long way round to get to Udayan, we arrived just in time for lunch, before preparing for the arrival of Steve Waugh, former Australian cricket captain. He has been supporting Udayan for a number of years, and regularly visits the home to meet James Stevens and the children. As cricket is such a big sport in India, Steve Waugh is very famous and he is clearly regarded as an idol in the eyes of the children, with many of them gaping in awe.

Steve Waugh and James Stevens

After his arrival he was ushered onto the playing field where the children took turns to bowl at him while he showed off his batting skills. He then watched an entertainment show put on by the children, and gave out some certificates that the they had achieved for music and their artistic work. We had brought some teddy bears made by a charity in England that we gave out; the children were delighted to receive them!

Children of Udayan

James and the children of Udayan

As this was the last time we are visiting the home, we ended with a few tearful good-byes. Everyone was surprised with how affectionate the children were, us having only been with them for a total of 4 days. Many addresses were swapped and endless promises made to return in the future, with hopefully some of them fulfilled.

Boy up a tree

We (the 8 students) have been invited to dinner with Steve Waugh tomorrow night at the Oberoi Grand!


Dodds family

@ 5151 days ago

James - Great photos. Good to see Steve Waugh there at the same time as yourselves. Enjoy your dinner with him. Mum asks if you are coming back home or should we rent your room out! Lots of love from all the family including Grandad, who wishes you well.

The O'Beirnes

@ 5151 days ago

Having already been jealous of you guys out there, NOW you're meeting the rich and famous! How are you going to settle back down to normal life?! Hope you have good fun at dinner with Steve Waugh! See you soon!Loads of love Anna, Meg, Edie and Mum! xxxxxxxxxxxx

jan ridley

@ 5151 days ago

Well, there seems to be no end to the excitment! I'm very jealous of you meeting Steve Waugh and I'm sure your brother Steve will be too.
Love as always, Mum.
P.S. Emma wants an autograph- although she didn't know who he was.

Mrs Dyt

@ 5151 days ago

Your visit sounds amazing. Obviously, as an Aussie, I am suitably impressed that you are meeting Steve Waugh. That is amazing - us aussies do get around! Give him my love !!!! C'mon Aussie,C'mon!
Have fun, still thinking of you and praying for you each day.

Thelma and David

@ 5151 days ago

What an amazing time you are all having. We have been following your progress daily. Thank you for writing up your experiences and the photos. The pictures give a wonderful impression of the place. It was very moving to read your comments regarding your experiences at the Home for the Dying. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Thinking of you all.

Roberta Boxshall

@ 5151 days ago

We have been very moved by all your writings, particularly at the home for the dying and now as the Udayan children have had to say goodbye to you. Longing to have you back, Nattie. Love mum. xxx

Amy Boxshall

@ 5151 days ago

Nattie, how kool? You always seem to meet famous people! So, do you miss me like crazy? (obviously) Im missing you. I bought some really cool trainers yesterday and when you come back we can go and get you some as well, as they were in a sale (We could be matching!!!) hehe. Maddi says hi and gives you a big wet kiss and Abi gives you a bug hug. Mum and dad have gone to see grandma today and are going to tell her about India and Im sure she will be very happy and proud to hear about it. I hope you're enjoying all the indian food. Is it hot? I can't wait for you to come home 'coz then I can hear about your adventure. Love you lots and lots and lots. Never frown for you do not know who is falling in love with your smile :) Love ames xx

Emma Ridley

@ 5151 days ago

Hey Chris, home in 3 days, i can't wait. You probably don't want to leave India and come home to Rickamsworth where there is no Taj Mahal and you don't run in to the rich and famous everyday...but you are. You will be happy to know that you're not missing out on anything here, it's freezing cold and it rained yesterday. (I bet you can't wait to come back to English weather!) See you soon and i hope you all enjoy your last few days, make the most of it! Emma xxxxx :)

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