14 February 2005

We had a great dinner last night, not with Steve Waugh but with Tony Fehon, a business man from Australia who was at Udayan with Steve. The night was fantastic, but we were all suffering a bit this morning as we came down for breakfast.

Today we went with Dr Kamruddin to see Pilkhana, the slum on the outskirts of Kolkata that is featured in ‘City of Joy’. Due to the success of the book and the film, the government has been forced into action and so conditions now are better than previously, but we were all still shocked by the squaller that people lived in. The open drains were particularly disgusting and created an awful stench.


Once in Pilkhana, we went to the headquaters of the United Brothers’ Assosiation, situated in the heart of the slum. The United Brothers’ Assosiation is funded partly from the royalties of ‘City of Joy’ and was founded in 1982 by social workers in an effort to help the downtrodden in Pilkhana. There, young ladies were taught sewing which enables them to bring in an income for their families.


Shopping for clothes

Next, we saw see Koshis, a home for handicapped children, also run by United Brothers’ Assosiation. Gaston Dayanand who is the hero of ‘City of Joy’ was instumental in setting this home up. Here they are provided with an education and trained in a skill so that they can make a living. There are currently 42 children living in the home.

Group photo

Saying good-bye

After Koshis, we visited Mariam Kinara, a recently opened home that takes care of handicapped women. This is situated on the outskirts of Kolkata, and saves the women from prison, where they would otherwise be put by the government. As yesterday, we were welcomed with open arms.

Tonight, we are all having dinner with James Stevens and his wife Lalitta.


Jan ridley

@ 5183 days ago

Hope you all have a wonderful last evening. Chris, I can't wait to have you home. Have a safe journey. God bless. Lots of love, Mum

Marian,Joe, Reg, Gaye

@ 5183 days ago

Enjoy your final night. You deserve it. A big thank you to Mrs. Weldon for giving you this amazing opportunity, memories that will last with you forever. God bless you all, safe journey home. Looking forward to all the stories Sinead. Love and miss you.

Dodds family

@ 5183 days ago

James - look forward to seeing you and all of your pictures. Have put Jessops on high alert. Safe journey. You all look well. Any food requests for dinner on Wednesday? Curry?

Roberta and Geoff

@ 5183 days ago

More lovely pictures! We're really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Hope you enjoy the last hours in India. Love mum and dad xxxxx

Amy B

@ 5183 days ago

Nattie!!! You're coming home!!! I hope you really enjoyed it, it looks like you had so much fun. I can't wait to see you guys. Enjoy your flight!! Love you lots. Ames xxxxxxxxxxxx

Emma Ridley

@ 5183 days ago

Hya Chris, i'm at amy's at the moment so i'm not alone for once. I hope everyone is still well and enjoying India. One more day left, so enjoy it while you still have. Enjoy your last day and the flight home (YH!!!) See you soon, can't wait. Em xxxxxxx


@ 5182 days ago

safe journey look after my little sister

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