Shane Normoyle

31 January 2007

Hello, I am Shane and I’m 17 years old living with my parents and younger sister in Croxley Green. I am at Joan of Arc School studying for my A-levels in English, Drama and Business Studies. I am hoping to go on to university and do a degree in drama then follow on into Drama teaching.

Some of my hobbies are hanging out with my friends, going shopping and dancing. Also I attend a Tae Kwon Do school which is a Korean form of martial art and I am a yellow belt (green tag).

I first became involved with Udayan when I helped out at ‘A Flavour of India’ which was an evening of entertainment put on by the first group of students who travelled to India to visit Udayan and I thought how unique it was for Udayan to be the sixth form’s main charity. I am also in Mrs Weldon’s business class and got to find out more through asking her questions and talking to her about it. Since then I have done a number of things including selling Udayan Christmas cards and helping to organsie (organise!!)our sixth form’s charity weeks where we run all sorts of sponsored events to raise money for Udayan (I even agreed to have my legs waxed, very painful!).

I always thought I would do my A-levels, go to university and then into work. I had not planned on taking a gap year or going traveling, even though I have always wanted to. I think going to India will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is giving me the chance to see some of the world and experience a very different culture from the one I know as I have not been outside Europe before. Furthermore I think it will be an extremely beneficial and invigorating experience to visit Udayan and see how all the money we are raising is being used and the difference it is making to the lives of Udayan’s children.

I am looking forward tremendously to our trip and know it will be something I’ll remember and cherish probably for the rest of my life. I think I’ll return a more spritually and emotionally mature person.

Shane Normoyle