2 February 2007

It is with great excitement and anticipation we leave for India tomorrow. Most of us have an idea what we are taking though getting it into the suitcase is proving to be a struggle! I don’t think any of us can actually believe that we are off to India to visit Udayan – the place that much effort has gone into raising funds for. It will be great to see the work of the home and how our money has helped the children.

We aim to send you a diary entry most evenings, obviously depending on the technology and whether we are in transit! Please keep checking for updates. It is anticipated that our first diary entry will be available on Sunday afternoon.

All that remains is to say see you in India!

We look forward to hearing from you through the comments feature.



@ 4397 days ago

hey Grace
hope u do well good luck


@ 4397 days ago

good luck all, and have a safe journey.

ive heard about the passport fiasco!!!

use your 10 hour flight wisley, sleep maybe?

take care,
love BELL


@ 4397 days ago

Hey! hope u all have a great time and a safe journey!!! keep safe
looking forward 2 hearing how everythin is!!!
have fun!

sophie bainton

@ 4396 days ago

hey everybody!!!!!

hope the flight out went ok? hopefully no teddybear trouble?!
can’t believe you guys are out there now – been so long coming! hope all is good and well and all have settled nicely?!

lots of love, soph xxxx

(katherine the boots were wicked thankyou so much!)xxxx

Allyson O'Grady

@ 4396 days ago

Hi Liz

I hope the flight went well and that you are now enjoying the sights in Delhi. Don’t forget the saris!

Keep taking the tablets


Mum xx


@ 4396 days ago

Hi Grace

Hope you had a good flight and have enjoyed your first day, shopping and taking in the sights of Delhi. Last night we were at St. Joan’s for the comedy night. It was a good evening. Sandie and Mick, Nick and Rose, Pat and Liz, Ann and Richard and Phil and Mary all send their love. Tom is still in Birmingham, James is studying!!!!!!


Mum and Dad xxxx

xXx FrAnCesCa XxX

@ 4396 days ago

Helloooooooooooo every1!!! Hope the plane journey wasn’t too bad and didnt drag on for too long!! Siobhan and Grace – did you open my notes?!? remember Shane you can’t open yours til the 19th (oooooo BdAy BoI!)
I’m wishing you all the luck in the world during the trip and have an AMAZING time, make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity!
Gona miss you all loadz especially my bezziechum Siobhan :D i love the way your profile bit is the longest out of everyone’s hehe typical lol
Went to Sarah’s last night and didnt get in til 2am so cancelled my driving lesson for this morning lol yes im a lazybum! Siobhan i missed getting ready with youuuuu :( tear . o and Kirsten has a car! woop!
Nealio – Michael missed his raving partner when RatPack tunes were coming on last night lol :D
Martin and Sonia FINALLY came out of Eastenders on Friday night Shivvy lol YAY good riddance they are toooo annoying.
i better go and do some history an english hw now, o joy. once again have a fabulous time and take care, be safe and i can’t wait to read your diary entries!
Loadza Love and Frannypoo huggles XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxxxxxXxX
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMISS YOUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(i’ve put this comment on both pages you can comment on bcoz i didnt know where to leave it! )


@ 4396 days ago

hope its going well.

love BELL

ps: neal, you missed nothing last night. x

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4396 days ago

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a good flight and enjoyed yourselves in Delhi today. Hope you haven’t spent all your money and have learnt to barter and haggle. Missing you loads Siobhan and sorry about the pencil case. Surely you must have spoken to at least half the people on the flight and at least one of them must have had a pen!!! Granny, Grandad, Jo, Vince and Eddy wish you luck and sorry they didn’t get to call before you went. Can’t wait for your updates. Don’t forget the tablets!!!!!! Dad says he misses you sort of, it’s kinda quiet, no it’s very quiet but he’ll get use to it. lol Amazing things happened yesterday QPR won. Yes I said won and Ciaran said to tell Neil that Leeds lost. England beat Scotland at the Rugby, Ireland is about to play Wales. Hope the food is good have a good day tomorrow, lots of love the O’Bs

Carol, Mick and Shannon Normoyle

@ 4395 days ago

Hi all,
So glad you arrived safe and sound. It sounds like you had an amazing day, I wish I was there with you all. The photos are brilliant and the daily diary is going to be the highlight of our day, we are going to have a special time slot each evening in front of the computer. Shane we are missing you like mad and you forgot to pack your new tracksuit bottoms!! Shannon is delighted she doesn’t have to fight with anyone for the telly but she is also missing you loads. Take lots of photos and savour each days experiences!
Until tomorrow, luv Carol xx


@ 4391 days ago

Hey all!! hope everythings going ok and you aren’t too tired (i could never do 5am starts!) Glad you got there safely.
Sounds like your all having fun, can’t believe you’re finally there!
You missed the snow, had such a fun day playin and building snowmen :) (we named him Alfred by the way) but i suppose thats nothing compared to all the experiences you’ll be having.
Missing you all so much (grace im missing my second home too :( lol and liz yuji thinks i shud be throwing snowballs at u today :s i dont think he realises you’re in india hehe).
Love you loads xxxxxxxxxx