Touring New Dehli

4 February 2007

Hi all,

India Gate
We finally arrived in India during the early hours of Sunday morning (11pm GMT). Journey wasn’t too bad, plane food was rubbish but we had TVs with movies and games, which helped pass the time. Weather is nice; warm and comfortable. Got to hotel at 4 o’clock in the morning (local time) after some minor plane delays at Delhi airport waiting to park and disembark. Coach journey from airport to hotel was more like a roller coaster ride with all the bumps and humps (we saw an elephant and Neal bashed his head).

Gandhi Assassination Site
The hotel is small but very nice; it has large sized rooms, which are nicely decorated and very cosy. We met our guide Sanjeev at noon and went on a tour of New Delhi with all its fine government buildings from the days of the British Raj including its circular Parliament. We spent a long time at Birla House which is where Gandhi was assassinated in 1948. It has been turned into a ‘Gandhi’ museum and we could almost feel his presence.

Humayun Tomb

Finally we visited Humayun’s tomb, the first Mughal mausoleum precursor to the Taj Mahal. It was built in only seven years out of red sandstone and white marble (the Taj took 20 years and was made purely of white marble and precious stones!).

Statue of Gandhi
We are now off out to dinner!

We are all excited and looking forward to another day of our India adventure!



@ 4396 days ago

hey just me!
see you have all got there okay and enjoyed your first day!
will see what you’re up to soon1
x x x

Francie and JJ O'Shea

@ 4395 days ago

Glad you are all there safe and sound and I expect the tiredness was soon forgotten with the excitement of it all.
First day sounds amazing and we wish we were there.
Can’t imagine how it would be to see elephants going down Oxford St’s equivalent.
Go easy on the curry 3 times a day!

Love from all the O’Sheas


@ 4395 days ago

good stuff – nice to hear everything is good, including the weather.

hope your heads good neal.. (thats what you get for bashing mine other day.)

must be good seeing all them places.

keep reppin’

love BELL

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4395 days ago

Hi everyone, sounds like you had a really good first day, you must all be shattered by now. The pictures are great, thank goodness for modern technology. The sights and sounds must be amazing. Delhi obviously has the same council sorting our their roads as Hillingdon!!! Enjoy your dinner and have fun tomorrow. Love the O’Bs

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4395 days ago

Oops, my finger was working overtime and I pressed the wrong button. The photos are great but lets have a few pictures of you all in situ as well.


@ 4395 days ago

Glad the journey wasn’t too awful. Sounds like a bit of a culture shock, but what a great experience! Looking forward to hearing from you all again soon.

Keep safe

Matt x :)

xXx FrAnCesCa XxX

@ 4395 days ago

awww brilliant 2 hear you got there safely ( hope you head isnt too bad neal!)
It all looks amazing!! AND this is only your first day! hehe
keep safe and take lots more pictures!
wish i was there!!

sophie bainton

@ 4395 days ago

am so jealous! sounds absolutely amazing! and a stunning place to be right now you jammy things!
i hope you named the elephant you saw lol!
so exciting!
anyway am going to be off now to do a history essay (aren’t you guys jealous LOL) before i just fill the page with excitedness!

love to all xxxxxxxxx

amy boxshall

@ 4395 days ago

hey grace, oh my god you’re in india, that is so cool! lol. Are you enjoying it? Hope it’s cool. School tomorrow, what fun :-S lol. Hope you have a lovely time, and keep safe, there are some crazy drivers out there, so be careful when you’re walking around. Love ya loads xxx


@ 4395 days ago

Mouselins!!!! We miss you already glad your there safely, take a picture of the Ghandi Statues for me. Take Care. Love You

Om Shanti


@ 4395 days ago

Hi Mike,

Glad u all arrived safe and sound.Wish i was there with u,it look,s amazing.Well Mike Ireland did it again the six nations here we come.We spent the day sorting out the final bits and bobs with Dave it all going well and could b finished by wed at the latest.We miss u so much.We dont no what to do with the shower it,s empty?ha ha.Have a great time.Received ur text.
Tell Neil i hope his head is o.k. Love Mum,Dad,Karen and Jonxxxxxxxxxxx

David & Tracy

@ 4395 days ago

Hello mate!

Glad you’re all ok and got there fine. Bet the plane was a complete and utter bore. 9 hours eh? Then a few more “holed” up in the plane waiting to taxi! Nice!

~Anyway… testing went great (found a lot of errors) should be up and running before next week. Buying servers today (Monday). Should have seen Ireland playing yesterday. I think we’ll win the 6 nations to be honest. The only team this year that MAY have a chance against us are England. They have Robinson back and Mr Injuries as well. Without those two they were lost against Scotland. Will keep you posted about it all.

Stay away from the water and when you’re in the shower singing and gargling – don’t swallow! You don’t want to use your plastic knickers do you? :>P

Watch out for the sights and take loads of pics. Buy a new SD Card if you didn’t get one as I’m sure you’ll find that you’ll be taking a lot more pics than you anticipated. Some sights mate… you don’t want to forget them so keep your camera out.

Do you have you mobile on all the time or are you switching it on at night? Will try and text you mate. Have a good time

Speak soon

David & Tracy xXx


@ 4395 days ago



@ 4395 days ago

wow the journey sounds…..... great!!!!
Sounds really good and amazing!!!! i hope you have a good time untill you post another diary entry,
chris you will be pleased to know byng has given us a chance 2 comment during her lesson!
keep safe, and take loads of pics!!!

Hilary and Luca!

@ 4395 days ago

Hello Siobhan, glad to hear you arrived safely and already have done so much! You must all be shattered! What a wonderful experience this is going to be for you and the rest of your party. We are looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing about this truly amazing trip.

Take care

Hilary & Luca xx

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4395 days ago

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed your second day. Can’t wait to hear all about it and read your entry and see the photos. By the way did Neal bump his head because he saw an elephant or was that just a coincidence? Hopefully no-one has a dickie tummy or been eaten alive by the dreaded mozzies. Siobhan it was heaven last night being able to watch what we wanted on telly rather than ask you what we were watching Hee Hee, Haa Haa. Everyone here at work has been asking how it’s going so I am able to update them. How sad is this, I’ve changed the lounge clock to Indian time so we don’t have to keep working out the time. Maths never was my strong point. However this really confuses the boys – I know it doesn’t take much. Enjoy the train ride to Agra tomorrow and Siobhan remember to get a picture in front of the Taj Mahal. Love you loads XXXX Mum

Jenny Whelan and Mr Varju

@ 4395 days ago

Hello all,
Glad that you all arrived safely. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Get a great pic for the notice board of the group please.
Enjoy the Taj tomorrow and dont be ill like I was! We’ll be in touch again soon.

Ciara Fitzpatrick

@ 4395 days ago

Mainly directed to Katherine, but all of you i guess (even tho i don’t know who’s there…sorry!)
I hope you are having fun sweetie! It all looks amazing! Keep safe

Carol, Mick and Shannon Normoyle

@ 4394 days ago

Shane and the gang,
We left a message yesterday but it seems to have disappeared!! Never mind, hope this gets to you. Shane hope you`re not picking up any bad driving habits before your test when you return. You all look in one piece, and smiling (that must be a good sign). It was great to see the photos especially the group photo. Looking forward to the next update.
Take care
Love Mum xx

Tricia & Graham

@ 4394 days ago

Hi Siobhan – glad you arrived safely and I’m sure you’re having a great time. You will love the Taj Mahal – only wish I could be there with you. Remember to go behind the Taj if you can and see the river people ….. and mind those monkeys!!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing some more photo’s.

Love you lots. G&T xx

mrs weldon's son

@ 4394 days ago

hello mum, kathyrn, john, and everyone else I don’t know!! hope it’s going well – certainly sounds like you guys are having a laugh. had to double take reading the article – i thought neal had bashed the elephant’s head, cruel bugger ;>

just to let you know, england beat scotland and ireland beat wales in the 6nations. mum, im not sure whether watford won/loss their game, but if they had won, would’ve been all over the news, so guessing not. haha

take care, have fun