Touring Old Delhi

5 February 2007

Mother Teresa's Shishu Bhavan
After our first day we were all still in awe and wonderment but had an early start Monday morning, approx 9am (3.30am GMT). Our guide Sanjeev took us on a tour of Old Delhi; firstly we visited Mother Teresa’s Shishu Bhavan Home for abandoned Children. It was an emotional experience however we all enjoyed interacting and playing with the children. We left 50 of our teddy bears that we had brought from England at the home as gifts for the little ones and they were very excited.

Mosque built by Emperor Shah Jahan
Next we visited the largest mosque in India built by Emperor Shah Jahan, who also built the Taj Mahal. It was an impressive site and what made it more amazing was that 20,000 people worship in the mosque on a regular basis.

Once we left the mosque we embarked on our own formula 1 race around Old Delhi in rickshaws. All rules of the road were ignored as we raced around to the soundtrack of beeping horns and crowded streets in 30 degrees centigrade heat. Much was at stake in the hands of one driver and his bike!

Gandhi's Cremation Memorial
Finally we visited Gandhi’s memorial site where he was cremated in 1948, the day after his assassination. The atmosphere was both calming and tranquil which was a very peaceful way to end our second day in Delhi.

Our stay in Delhi was fantastic largely due to the impressive and informative knowledge provided by Sanjeev our tour guide. We appreciated all his efforts and the rest of our trip will not be the same without him!
Sanjeev with group

Day 3 in India will start at 5am (11.30 GMT) when we take the train down to Agra!


Kathy O'Brien

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Guys, WOW, the pictures are brilliant. It’s nice to see a group photo of you all with your guide. The colours, sights and sounds must be mind blowing. It all looks very impressive. The rickshaw ride must have been fun, driving on the continent will be a piece of cake after that. You are all obviously enjoying the amazing experience. I’ve been dipping into the website all day seeing the different messages that have been left and then checking for your update. I’ll have to get on with my work tomorrow otherwise they might sack me. Manesh was just in the office and asked whether we had heard from you Siobhan and I was able to show him and Leigh where you all were. Have a lovely evening, enjoy dinner and get to bed early for a good nights kip. Can’t wait to see your pics of Agra tomorrow. Lots of love Siobhan and all the group. Mum XXXXX

Mrs Byng

@ 4304 days ago

Glad to see you all arrived safely and are enjoying yourselves. It is really great to hear all your news, keep it coming. Note to Chris – the lesson was very quiet this morning, we got loads done!! Look forward to reading the next installment.


@ 4304 days ago

Hi everyone!! Wow it all looks AMAZING!! I’m so jealous of you all having a fabulous time in India, but i hope you are all enjoying it like mad!!! You look like you are from the picture. Keep taking lot’s of pics and having a great time. I hope everyone is enjoying the food!!!!!

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Siobhan, just thought you’ll need to pack your case yourself, that will be interesting, just lay everything flat and also make sure you keep some sun cream and insect repellant in your back pack. At least with some of the teddies gone you should have a little more room. Glad you enjoyed the time with the children, I’m sure you found it quite moving. Hope the train windows are not too dirty and you see some of the countryside on your way down to Agra, it will be an experience anyway. Remember to keep taking the tablets, don’t swallow the water and no ice in your drink. Lots of love and cuddles, Mum, xxxxx PS I must remember I’m here to work!!!!!

Allyson O'Grady

@ 4304 days ago

What a fantastic day, although the rickshaw ride sounds as though it was rather scary. You were very lucky to have such a knowledgeable guide with you so that you saw all the most interesting and exciting places. Keep the photos coming, they are fantastic and I look forward to logging on every day to see your progress.

Emily O'Neill

@ 4304 days ago

So I’ve been leaving a message every day but the ditz that I am has meant that. whilst thinking I’d posted them, I’d actually only got as far as the preview page and not saved them…woops and sorry! So I’m going to try and actually leave a comment this time :D Basically I was just wishing you well and saying stuff like wow that looks amazing and ooo you’re so lucky and gasp it’s so beautiful!!!
Take care all of you
Lots of love
p.s. just gotta say: trust Katherine to be wearing a scarf and trust Liz to be posing like a posing thing xxx

xXx FrAnCesCa xXx

@ 4304 days ago

Hey GanG, hope you are all well and not too tired! the pictures look wicked and , like your mutha goose said shiv , itz nice to see a group one of you all, (you don’t want us to forget what you look like now dya?!?)
got ur text hunnibum :P xxx told everyone you said hellooooooo
good 2 hear the weather is nice, it cold here lol and i forgot my gloves for school 2day!
Katherine – u were missed in English 2day! :( xxx
pschology 2moro – il get the sheets for you siobhan, i know you already have quite a fewbut yeah.
logged into this as soon as i came home to see what the latest was!! my brother had his parents evening 2day lol did u read my mum and Luca’s msg?
speak soon , can’t wait for the next entry and the next installment of your indian adventure!
lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeeee xXx


@ 4304 days ago

you have done so much in so little time!!
The pics are awesome!
haha Neal bashed his head!!
i want an elephant!
Both yr 13 drama groups who are in Eng have already nearly got one scene completed!
Hope the drama group in India is doing just as well:)

Carol, Mick and Shannon Normoyle

@ 4304 days ago

Hi all,
So glad you arrived safe and sound. It sounds like you
had an amazing day, I wish I was there with you all.
The photos are brilliant and the daily diary is going
to be the highlight of our day, we are going to have a
special time slot each evening in front of the computer.
Shane we are missing you like mad and you forgot to pack
your new tracksuit bottoms!! Shannon is delighted she
doesn’t have to fight with anyone for the telly but she
is also missing you loads. Take lots of photos and savour
each days experiences!
Until tomorrow, luv Carol xx

Shane and the gang,
We left a message yesterday but it seems to have disappeared!!
Never mind, hope this gets to you. Shane hope you`re not picking
up any bad driving habits before your test when you return.
You all look in one piece, and smiling (that must be a good sign).
It was great to see the photos especially the group photo. Looking
forward to the next update.
Take care
Lots of Love mum xxx

Found the missing messages
luv Mick x


@ 4304 days ago

Hi everyone!

Glad to see you arrived safely and you’re all enjoying yourselves!All the pictures are lovely!

Love Jade xxx

P.S Grace and Liz, i love how both your profile photos are from the same picture!!!haha :)

Francie and JJ O'Shea

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Neal, and of course everyone,
Dad and I are racing on to the PC when we come home to see the diary.
You’re honoured to be ahead of Coronation St and SKY Sports News you know!
Seems like another wonderful day and especially love to see the photos of you all. Neal will kill me if I say anything slushy so just keep enjoying every golden moment and can’t wait to see the photos of you all at the Taj Mahal.
Love from Mum and Dad x x


@ 4304 days ago

You are all SO hilarious. NOT! And the Head of Sixth Form too, you should have known better :P
Anyways good to hear that you are all safe and well and having fun! Anyone manged to get sunburnt yet?? We have even had frost :( gayness
anyhows have fun
x x x x x x x x x x
ps did not appreciate the message received from carl

Barbara & Peter

@ 4304 days ago

At last the computer is working!! Thanks for our message today.
Can’t believe that I can already see a picture of you in India.

Have a wonderful time…I’m sure you all are !!
Love from all of us and the Johnson-Jordans.
Love Mum & Dad


@ 4304 days ago

alright everyone?

sounds like another amazing day, jealousy levels are rising at st. joans. keep enjoying yourselves, and post more photos!! updates are great, glad to see you all looking healthy. no real goss on the home front, will let you know if anything interesting happens here.

take care,

matt x

Gabrielle,Michael,Karen and Jon

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Mike,

Well, the house is toooooo quiet without you…do you have to come home?? Seriously, we are missing you to pieces but in awe of the wonderful sights and amazing experiences you seem to be having out there.

How are the curries taking their toll on your tummy? Feeling Delhi belly yet?

Ireland are playing next Sunday after our victorious Welsh defeat yesterday. We will keep you updated with that although you will probably hear Dad bleating at the TV all the way out there.

You will be pleased to hear that Jon and I are finally moving out on Thurs. The countdown is on at T-3 days!!! Mam and Dad are in the process of picking out the pink wallpaper as we speak ;o)

Take care of you, L’il O’Shea and the rest of the gang. Keep on posting your wonderful experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I’m missing out on.

Love Mam, Dad, Karen and Jon x x x x


@ 4304 days ago

hi guys!!
how jealous am i?!! you seem 2b havin the most amazin time!youve done so much already!
katherine, wots with the scarf??thought it was 30 deg. out there!!!
neal, hows the head!!!!!
miss d, 6th Form’s gone to hell without you!!
anyway…have an amazing time, enjoy the experience!!
loving the updates and pics….......................Lauren xoxoxoxo


@ 4304 days ago

Howdy all,

it looks like your enjoying yourselves, except neal and his head, and i hope it continues- not the pain in your head neal but the enjoyment! 6th Form is has been kind of dull recently except for the year 12’s taking over miss devlins office and mr murphy got called up to the wales rugby squad that lost to ireland. Other than that your not missing much but hopefully u guys have plenty of stories for us whilst your flying the flag for JOA. I hope u guys will continue having a great time and i will keep checking to see if ur behaving urselves.


Vince & Jo O'Brien

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Siobhan
See you are having a great time. We thought you went out to work (only Joking) As you know QPR won 3 -1 Saturday you must have prayed hard.Take care of yourself and look forward to next instalment. Lots of Love and Hugs. Uncle Vince, Aunty Jo and gang. xx

Maggie & Malc Stacey

@ 4304 days ago

Hi Grace
Good to see you all looking so well, great to see pictures of what is happening. Are there any pictures of the rickshaws? Jill D. says that St. John’s class are going to get on the site and ask you lots of questions!!!
Hope the train journey is good and everyone remains fit and well. It’s 11.20 here so we are off to bed – you are just getting up for your journey!!

Good night and God Bless / Good morning toi you all

Love Mum nd Dad xxx


@ 4304 days ago

Hey hows it goin, i left a message here earlier today but i don’t think it worked properly. I get more and more jealous of you as i read what you’ve done and the plan for the rest of the trip. Next stop Agra, that will be a sight to see, so obviously i’m expecting loads of pictures. have a good time and carry on updating us on what you’ve been up to.

Campbell x

The GodFather

@ 4303 days ago

Katherine, an exciting time your having in an exciting time of your life.
It will give you great memories.
Love Uncle Phil

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4303 days ago

Morning guys, I’m at work early today so thought I’d check out the website before I started work and send you a little greeting. Yes I think I’ll do some work today. Its quite cold in England today, frost on the car first thing and -1 as I left home, however the sun is shining and the sky is blue so can’t complain too much, would much rather be with you in the sun though. It’s so great to be able to see what you are all doing, it’s like one great big family (nothing new for us eh Siobhan). As we went to bed you started your journey. I hope it was enjoyable and you were able to see through the windows. As we got up you had probably arrived in Agra. I’m sure the Taj Mahal will be something else, can’t wait for your update. Enjoy all the sights and experiences today. Hope you are all keeping well. Siobhan I’ll be visiting Gerry & Linda at lunchtime today to give them Katherine’s birthday present, I’ll send them all your love. love you lots, God Bless, Mum XXXXX

Hayley S

@ 4303 days ago

Hey guys its gr8 to hear about your adventures. sounds like you are having an amazing time. God its quite with out you katherine, missing you all lots!!!
Drama was good yesterday (Mon) got alot done!!! and all groups turned up. hope your all well.
Lots of love and hugs

i still cant believe we are going on holi’s!!!!!

Hayley S

@ 4303 days ago

whoop you can see i dont do english!!!!
Quiet not quite!!!!!
Just sitting in boring ICT !!!
bye bye


Tony McCann (another godfather)

@ 4303 days ago

Grace – have a great time and learn to enjoy curry while you are there – am not wasting a free meal on you until you do!!!
Luv Tony & Maggie

sophie bainton

@ 4303 days ago

hey guys!

wow all looks absoltely amazing its such a beautiful place!
hope you guys are all enjoying yourselves! great photos take many more – miss devlin i think we are all holding you to the promise of may assemblies full of pfotos from this!!!!katherine i love how your dedication to your scarf collection hasnt flinched – how in 30 degrees c i don’t know!

lots of love from a very jealous sophie xxxxx

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4303 days ago

Hi everyone, what a shame we’re not able to see photos of today and read about your experiences. Will have to wait until tomorrow. Siobhan it was great to speak to you today and I look forward to receiving the scarf. I trust your taste on picking the colour although orange will go very well with my Tunisian bag. You’ll have to remember our Tunisian experience when you go into the shops or market places and start to haggle and barter. Katherine obviously has a scarf fettish so make sure she doesn’t buy them all up. You only have so much room in your suitcase Katherine. Don’t spend all your money before you get to Calcutta. Did you manage to see behind the Taj? Let us know how the train journey went and trust your trip back to Delhi on India’s manic road system will be interesting. Good luck with the flight to Varanasi, hope there aren’t too many delays. Look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. It doesn’t seem possible that you’ve already been there 3 days and have done and seen so much already
God Bless and love to Siobhan and all the gang. XXXXXXX

Francie and JJ O'Shea

@ 4303 days ago

Hi everybody, especially Neal,
have to tell you that the weather forecast here for Thursday is snow!!
It’s certainly cold enough.
Lovely to speak to you and sounds like today’s trip will take some beating.
Amazing that you zipped to Agra and back by the time I had done 1 junction on the M25. Chaos today – still there were no elephants, cows or rickshaws to contend with.
Not much news. Liverpool F.C. was bought by 2 U.S. billionaires. Leeds Utd(and this bit is for Neal) are trying to get John Hartson on loan at £15k a week. It must feel a whole world away from where you are.
So off with you all to the next destination – and no paddling in the Ganges.

Lots of love, and happy travelling, to everyone
from Mum and Dad X X


@ 4302 days ago

Hey guys! Sounds like ur having a gr8 time! Shiv get ready for an amazing OC update! This week was gd! But it sounds like worth missing for wat u guys r doing! Its an experience u will never 4get! Missing u lots! will write again in the next few days! Keep enjoying urselves! xxx