Touring the Taj - Take 2

7 February 2007

Our apologies for the delay in getting this entry to you; unfortunately the hotel in Agra did not have an internet connection for us to upload our diary onto the website and today’s travelling has be rather hectic.
This morning was a challenge as we had to be out of the hotel by 5 am to catch the train to Agra. The train journey was pleasant and quick.

When we arrived we made our way to our next hotel, the Howard Palace Plaza. The temperature reached 30 plus degrees as we travelled through Agra to visit the 7th wonder of the world: the Taj Mahal. We approached by camel ride and were all amazed with its beauty and outstanding architecture. The Taj was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century in memory of his beloved wife. It took 20,000 men over twenty two years to create this masterpiece. The Emperor rewarded them by chopping off their hands as he did not want them to create anything as beautiful again. We posed on the bench that Princess Diana famously sat upon.

Group on Camel

Team infront of Taj

The Taj

Next we drove to the Agra Fort where Emperor Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his own son as he believed his father was wasting the family’s wealth and fortune.

Agra Fort

This evening we had planned to dine on the hotel rooftop patio over-looking the Taj Mahal unfortunately due to the smog we were unable to see it!

Tomorrow our adventure continues as we are to be up at the crack of dawn for a long coach ride back to Delhi in time to catch our flight down to Varanasi.


Kathy O'Brien

@ 4427 days ago

WOT NO PHOTOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@ 4427 days ago

smog? never expected that! By the way, how can any journey at 5 in the morning be a pleasant one?! Glad to see that none of you were ill. Anyway, it all looks very impressive and im looking forward to hearing about it. School’s the same old really, although there is supposed to be snow tomorrow (fingers crossed). catch up on your progress a little later.

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4427 days ago

Hi everyone
Now that’s more like it – I was obviously too quick off the mark. I’m at work typing up the most boring report ever so have been dipping into the website on and off every 10 minutes or so for the last hour.
The photos are fabulous. I am very jealous as I’m sure it was awe inspiring and the photos don’t do it justice. You all look like you are having a marvelous time and looking well. Katherine it was 30 deg. + how on earth are you still wearing a scarf ??! I must now skip to the next part and read about your journey to Varanasi.
Love to all the group and Siobhan. Mum XXxxxXX

Allyson O'Grady

@ 4427 days ago

What a great picture of a camel pulling a bus! You all look very well, so obviously no need for the plastic pants yet. Hope you are enjoying the food Liz, hopefully you are not just eating bread and ham. Have a good boat trip down the Ganges and take lots of photos.


mum, dad. Caz & Steph

mrs weldon's son

@ 4426 days ago

hello mother and all,

photos are amazing! looks like you guys are having an awesome time. i like that line about the emperor chopping off the builders’ hands to stop them creating anything so beautiful again – might try that as an excuse for not handing in my next uni coursework!

can’t believe you’re in 30 degrees and we’re expecting snow! haha, take care


sophie bainton

@ 4426 days ago

OMG GUYS! Am thinking i may have to stop looking at this thing getting more and more jealous by the day! (only joking well not about the jealous part but i will still keep track of you all lol) it just sounds too amazing for words! great photos!
all seems so surreal you lot being out there!
you lot are gonna come back all tanned from 2 1/2 weeks of 30 degrees heat whilst us lot will be blocks of ice!
lots of love to all sophie xxxx

aunty mary

@ 4426 days ago

Hello- Katherine’s favourite aunty here, what a wonderful time you are having. I did the same trip last year and I have great memories of the people, culture and of course Dehli Belly. Enjoy every minute and don’t forget look after those teachers.
Bye for now, big kiss and hug Katherine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xXx FrAnCesCa xXx

@ 4426 days ago

DUUUUUUDEESSSSS and dudettes lol
taj- immense, wish i was there! :( could never cope with gettin up at 5am all the time though, getting up at 7 for school is an effort!!! but then again, goin to school consists of two FREEZING trains that decided to stop at Moor Park for a stooooopidly long time this morning, WITH the doors open! slightly different to a camel drawn cart! – WOW! That must have been a lot of fun!
Lovin the pictures!!
Weather looks lovely!
Graciepoo- missed our lil chat today :( walking to the station was cold and lonely!
Siobhan-Ashley sends his fabulous love and is getting excited about his party, 2 other people having their party on the same day though which is kinda annoying. AND iv been good and havn’t found out who dies in Desperate Housewives tonight! Hehe. :P
Hollyoaks – FINALLY JonPaul admitted to Hannah he is gay. awww.
Eastenders- pah. boringness.
Katherine, everyone keeps leaving comments about your scarf so thought i’d say – its a lovely scarf! hehe.
Now im gona go look at the other page you updated today ….TTFN xXx


@ 4426 days ago

Looks as though you guys are still having fun then!!!! I cant believe the heat that you are getting, so unfair was realy freezing today!!! and we are exxpecting snow tomorrow, oh well i guess that may mean a snow day for us!!!!
School is actually rather quiet with you guys missing, especially in registration coughs chris coughs :P
look forward to reading next entry and seeing more pictures
x x x x x x x x x x

Gabrielle,Michael,Karen and Jon

@ 4426 days ago

Hi Mike, hope all is well with you and the gang. The Taj Mahal looks fantastic but your transport looks a bit smelly, I remember Camels from Tunisia (what do they eat to make them smell like they do). I hope all is well in the tummy dept. and that you’re not in Pampers yet. We are all missing you, the house is very quiet, espeicially in the mornings without the bathroom sing along. I bet the days are very tiring but extremely interesting. I suppose you are all getting nicely tanned while we are wearing several layers of clothes just to keep the blood moving. We are expecting 6 inches of snow tomorrow.
Bye for now

Love you and miss you loads

Dad, Mam, Karen & Jonathan.

[x] the rands(and nana and grandad)[x]

@ 4426 days ago

hi trish,
so what have you been doing lately? we we off today because of the snow! it was 6 inches! when madge got up and saw the snow she thought of you because you have always wanted a day off school from the snow. by the way its rebecca writing this. we had a huge snowball fight with mum it was so funny. your school was off aswell haha.
anyway g2g keep you updated on whats happening over here
have a lovely time. missing you loads


@ 4425 days ago

what going on jimmy 5 bellies and pad man jake hope your having a ledge time and enjoying yourselfs hope the weathers good and the irish skins holding out no doubt pad man will have his factor 60 lol it snowed well alot today quality snow ball fights at training hope the foods nice the Taj Mahal looks quality. and y you travling around with a camel when theres cars around would defo be quicker any way il write another message soon have fun

Gavin & Angela

@ 4424 days ago

Hello Kat (Little Sis)

Hope you are OK!

Looks like you are having a good time in India. Poping over to Claire’s to see little Freya today!

Have fun, look forward to seeing you soon

Loadsa luv from

Gav & Ang


@ 4419 days ago

yo neal and pad hope your having a wikid time neal u sent 49 blank msgs 2 me! defo cost loads lol hope the plastic pants r coming in handy. hope u had a good valentines day and got lots of birds Harriet’s birthday 2day got no money left. anyway have a great last week chat 2 u soon

billy luke freya & mum

@ 4416 days ago

hi katherine the johnsons ere at last u having a great time
we are all missing u loads hoping ur enjoing ur camping trip
are ther any tigers nans ere looking after freya and me and luke mum sends her luv enjoy the rest of ur trip see you soon loads of luv billy luke freya &mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx