Namaste (greetings) from Kolkata

10 February 2007

Boys with Trish, Kathryn and Caroline

Last night we travelled on the overnight train from Varanasi to Kolkata, an experience we won’t forget! We arrived at 9.30am and were greeted by our porters – it’s amazing how they can balance two of our heavy suitcases on their heads! You’ll be pleased to know the sun was back, which brightened our spirits even more.

On arrival at the Fairlawn hotel we were welcomed by the owner, Mrs Smith and her team. The hotel is unlike anything you will have seen, a tropical palace, the walls lined with famous faces all of whom have stayed here over the years such as Patrick Swayze and Felicity Kendal. It’s like stepping back in time.

Welcome at the Fairlawn

In the afternoon we went for a walk down to the local market, much the same as Bovingdon: bags, shoes and scarves! We also browsed around the shops near our hotel, and bought some presents for friends back home. After that we had time to relax and prepare for our evening meal. Tomorrow being Sunday we will be celebrating Mass with James Stevens. In the afternoon we will be touring Calcutta. We are all looking forward to meeting the children of Udayan on Monday.



@ 4424 days ago

hi guys!
glad you got to Kolkata safe and sound!...and hope the plastic pants wernt needed!
your hotel sounds amazin…and that market sounds great- bags, shoes and scarves- girls heaven!!!!!
i was told yesterday that im going 2 NYC on Thursday (day of my 18th, woo) as a surprise!!am soo excited! imagine, we’l be on opposite sides of the world!
enjoy touring Calcutta….please take lots of pics!!good luck with the work ahead!keep positive!
take care…............lotsa love..Lauren.xoxox

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4424 days ago

Hi All, England just beat the Italy 20-7. Sorry Fran.


@ 4424 days ago

Glad to hear you made it to Kolkata, on a train ride which was probably like the plane ride?! The porters had two suitcases on their heads, perhaps they were showing off?!
So what are you doing staying in such a famous hotel? If your photos are going alongside Patrick Swayze, what are people going to think?!
Sounds like the girls must be having fun with all that shopping you are doing, wish I was there!
I wonder if Calcutta will be how you imagined? Looking forward to more photos especially the children of Udayan.
Siobhan its very quiet here, Francesca is at work and tonight she is going to yet another 18th!
Take care, Love Hilary x


@ 4424 days ago

At last you can settle down in Kolkata for a bit and get comfortable in the city. Try and sneak a couple of famous faces back to St Jaons for us, im sure Parick Swayze would look perfect above miss devlins desk, although Ronan would obviously be better. You all seem to be collecting an awful lot of flowers as well but that can only be good. I’m sure the market is more tropical and exciting than Bovingdon market, well at least it should be. Unfortunately you won’t hear from me for a while as im off for a week but if i see an internet cafe ill check on your progress.

See what you can do about those pictures and take care.

Campbell x

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4424 days ago

Hi Siobhan,
It was nice talking to you and glad you are having a wonderful time and the food is good. It will be nice to have a couple of days rest after all your travelling. It must be quite exciting to know that you will soon be with the children at Udayan. We’ve had quite a lazy day here just sitting around the house reading and doing next to nothing. The hotel looks great – Dad and I had a look at it on the web.
Look forward to hearing all about your Mass in India – it will be quite different from home.
Take care and lots of love as always. Mum and Dad. XXxxXXxxXX

Carol, Mick and Shannon Normoyle

@ 4423 days ago

Hi Shane and the gang,
I taped Ugly Betty for you! Grandma says to say Hi. We were wondering what silk item you were buying from the picture? Hope you got a good bargain. The Roundbush team are missing you, they did 120 meals last Sunday, Alan and Sanya are looking forward to your return and to hear all about your trip. You must all be really excited for Monday as you will finally see how all your fundraising efforts are being resourced. Just thinking about meeting the children brings a lump to my throat, make the most of your time in Kolkata and hope you all leave a lasting impression. Shane, don’t forget to let us know your room number. Hotel looks fab, you lucky things!
Loads of love, mum, dad and Shannon xxx

Mr Woollatt

@ 4423 days ago

A message to the Drama students!

Seems like you’re having a fantastic experience, the pictures look awesome. Make the most of it and take it all in, you’ll be freezing in the hall before you know it (try not to think about that now!)

I’m hoping you haven’t thought about working on your Unit 5 scripts yet as I think we’ll need to make some changes. I’m going to look at it over the next day or so and get back to you. If you get a chance you could email me and let me know if you have a ‘complete’ script with you – I’m thinking you won’t have. Otherwise don’t do anything (more or at all) until I get back to you!

Take care and look after Miss Devlin for me!

Mr Woollatt and fish

amy boxshall

@ 4423 days ago

Sounds like you guys are having a really good time. Hi to all and hope you’re all having fun.
amy xx


@ 4423 days ago

another very good report.
im a bit worse for wear – but this still makes me happy to see your diary!

sounds like another very interesting day!

i guess you are probably awake now? its 2.17 here – not sure how ahead/behind you are.

anyway – hope you continue to have a very good time, and keep taking those lovely pics!

(ps: did u get any fake goods in the market? haha)

take care all – espec, miss devlin and weldon :)

love BELL

xXx FrAnCeSca xXx

@ 4423 days ago

NAMASTE from ruislip!!!
First chance i’ve had to get on here since Friday because i had work all day ys2day and then it was a mad rush to do dinner when i got home and get to Bekah’s!
i hope the overnight train wasn’t too rocky and that you all managed to get at least some sleep!! I’m glad you got to Kolkata in one piece!! the carrying of the suitcases on their heads thing is pretty impressive, siobhan you should sooo bring one of the portars back to England, carrying heavy bags to school would be a thing of the past!
Your hotel sounds amazing- a tropical palace-WOW.take it all in and omg what fantastic memories you will all have after this trip.
Patrick Swayze stayed there?!? Wooooo Dirty Dancing lol i shall tell Danielle :P
I bet the girlies were in heaven at the prospect of more shopping in the market! Siobhan and Shane- do you remember Fiorucci?!?
Siobhan- i tried to text you last night at Bekah’s when your Just Jack song came on, but alcohol and texting really don’t mix so im not sure what came through to your phone! haha!
You were all missed last night and i was thinking of you all xXx
Had a driving lesson at 9 this morning and that wasn’t too pretty lol but i’m looking forward to half term-Bournemouth on Tues.Grandad goes to South Africa on Wedn- and Valentines Day woooo :D Now Grace, remember what i told you-no getting up to mischeif hehe xxx
Newayz its great to hear from you all again, like Campbell said- a daily diary entry is sooo good!! and keep the pictures coming!
Have fun, make the most of your time, take care , and be safe!!!
Loadza Fran love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maggie & Malc Stacey

@ 4423 days ago

Hi Grace

Good to see you all arrived safely. I can’t wait to hear about the train journey.
Mrs Byng was at St John Fisher today and says Hi!
All is well here. Sounds like you don’t need to be worrying about your drama scripts – I know you’ve all got them.
Don’t forget to take some pictures of the children either listening to you read the stories from the books or of the children using the books so that I can show them at school.
Keep the pictures coming
lots of Love, God Bless
Mum and Dad
P.S. Tom says Hi!

barbara & peter oliver

@ 4420 days ago

message to katherine-roses are red violets are blue i thank god for sending me you! happy valentines-from you know who X