Goodnight from India

20 February 2007

Our last day in India was peaceful and inspirational, giving us a chance to reflect on our wonderful journey. We met Brother Gaston at his Ashram out in the beautiful Bengali countryside where mentally challenged women and orphaned children are given a sense of equality and a chance to build their own lives.

Gaston gave us a guided tour, displaying his work and visions for the future. For example we were shown the multi-faith prayer room which facilitates all religions.

Brother Gaston’s Ashram is self-sufficient growing hundreds of vegetables and bananas. We then had a discussion with Gaston where we were able to ask questions and hear his wise words. His determination and love for God inspired us to ponder and strengthen our faith in God. In Gaston’s words he said “you cannot love God without serving your fellow man and all people are your brothers and sisters”. Unexpectedly we were given a substantial meal which was enjoyed by all.

We returned to the Fairlawn in late afternoon having an opportunity for last minute shopping and a rest before our journey home.

We would firstly like to thank our readers and people who have posted comments whilst we have been in India. Your efforts have highly motivated us and kept us going through what has been an emotional pilgrimage.

Secondly we would like to thank Trish, Caroline and Kathryn for making this trip happen and guiding us through this amazing journey. We hope they have enjoyed our company as much as we have enjoyed theirs.

If we were to say one thing about this trip it has been a truly life-changing experience for all of us.

We hope you have enjoyed following our journey and continue to support Udayan in the future. From all of us here in India Goodnight and God bless.


Kathy O'Brien

@ 4411 days ago

Reading all of your entries have brought tears to my eyes through joy, pride and too many other emotions to mention, but now I am bawling my eyes out. Not good when people are passing and wondering what’s up with me. We are just so proud of you all and so glad you have had such a wonderful life changing experience. Nothing more to say really except come home safely and we’ll hear more stories from you in person and see lots more photos.
Goodnight and God Bless to you all. Lots of love Kathy. XXXXX
God Bless and lots of love Siobhan – see you tomorrow. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PS Katherine will call in tomorrow with the girls prior to catching their plane back to Vienna in the afternoon.

barbara & peter oliver

@ 4410 days ago

dear all this is my very last msg god bless you all and hope you have a good night sleep ready for your journey tomorrow-you will be travelling back in time as far as i make out?! cant wait to meet you at heathrow thinking of you as always lots of love katherines mum & dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@ 4410 days ago

Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time!!!
Hope that you all have a safe journey home tomorrow, i am sure the common room will be buzzing on thursday when you get back to school
See you soooooooooooooooooooooon
Lotsa love
x x x x x x x x x x

sophie bainton

@ 4410 days ago

awhhh guys! i have no words!

take care and have a safe journey back see you all on thursday!

lots of love soph xxxx


@ 4410 days ago

well its over.

ofcourse its been amazing, and to be honest; its not really worth me saying a great deal here.
i have run out of superlatives,

i hope you are all okay, safe and sound.
i shall see most of you tomorrow.

mrs weldon!

cant wait to show you all the work ive done.

much love,
and really a big welldone on participating on an amazing trip for all.

love BELL

Miss Prasad

@ 4408 days ago

Hi Guys! Just wanted to send you a quick message to say Hi and how proud I am of you all. Sounds like a amazing experience…make sure you make the most of it. Can’t wait to hear all your stories and see you when you get back.

Miss P

helen & vincent normoyle

@ 4408 days ago

Enjoy your 18th in India. Hope you’ve enjoyed your trip? Your Dad mentioned the school website so we’ve been able to glean an insight into what you have been experiencing. Look forward to hearing all about it when we next see you. hope your 18th is very memorable. love Helen & Vincent and all the familyXX

Jenny Smyth

@ 4408 days ago

heya gracie… how r u doin? how are eveyone out there!! yes i may have just worked out how 2 do this! hehe… can u tell shayne Cinderella was amazing and he didnt miss the party for it because of the snow!!
hope the experience is as amazing as it seems in the picture and that interacting with the kids isnt too hard!!
please be carefully gracie.. i miss u loads.. love u xxxx p/s/ u crazy kids did miss beccas— and that was a good party!! xxx and miss devlin.. we miss you xx

michelle bennett

@ 4408 days ago

hello all, i finally worked out how to send you a message!!! hope that you are all having a great experience and lots of fun. I hope Mrs Weldon and Miss Devlin are behaving themselves (for a change!!)

St John's School

@ 4408 days ago

We have been following your amazing trip and reading your news letters. We are on half term which started on Thursday because we had a very heavy snow fall. Poor us instead of lessons we had to make snowmen and go tobogganing with our friends it was great fun. What is the weather like where you are, do you have a half term, do you enjoy your school as much as we do? We would love to hear from you and the children. Lots of love from all the children at St John’s primary school Rickmansworth.

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