Arrival in India!

1 February 2009

After a long journey we have arrived safely in Amritsar. Both of the flights went well with no delays, even though it was a bit of a rush to get our connecting flights between Delhi and Amritsar. Currently we are six cases down and one broken, but we should be reunited tomorrow morning! Leaving the airport we experienced some of the sights and the sounds of the infamous Indian driving! On arriving at the Ritz Plaza Hotel in Amritsar we were presented with beautiful garlands, which was a really nice welcome.

We are off out this evening to go for a meal and see the ‘Putting to bed’ ceremony at the Golden Temple. Tomorrow we will be able to report back after a full day’s sightseeing in Amritsar.

Apologies for the lack of photos, there has been a slight technical hitch which we will try and sort out.


Jan Ridley

@ 3702 days ago

Delighted to hear you all arrived safely. Hope the cases arrive soon. Enjoy the ‘putting to bed’ ceremony.

Tina Slavin

@ 3702 days ago

You should all sleep well tonight. Enjoy your evening. Delighted you’re all safe and well.

Mr Sweeney

@ 3701 days ago

It is great news to hear that you have all arrived safely (all that is, except some luggage I am led to believe!).
Miss Devlin guess what, the last time a trip set of for India and Udayan it snowed in Rickmansworth – well it is at it again and snowing a fair amount on Sunday evening. I trust that you will have no such problems with the weather. I hope that you all have a fantastic day tomorrow.

Francesca Vitale

@ 3701 days ago

Hi everyone!!!!

I loved the india diary last year and checked it every day to speak to Siobhan!! Enjoy this once of a lifetime opportunity, it will be such an amazing experience for you all.

Am glad to hear to got there safely, hope u get the cases back soon!!!

It is snowing like mad here in Ruislip now, my brother is hoping for the day off school 2moro!!!
Take care, and keep safe
Lotsa love

Chloe Atthur

@ 3701 days ago

woooow your in india Now, glad everything is well enjoy the meal later, and have a wondeful time and one in life time experiance :)

much love ♥

Siobhan O'Brien

@ 3701 days ago

Hey guys :D

Glad you all arrived safely! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your time in Amritsar as we didnt go there two years ago. It looks like a truly magical place!

I’m not surprised that you have already experienced the, how should I phrase this, less than conventional way that the Indians like to drive!! Trust me… it is an experience you will never forget!! Looking up to see a huge truck hurtling towards you, while realising that you are in a tiny little minibus on the wrong side of the road is definitely slightly terrifying!!! :D Hehe :p

Hope you are enjoying the weather out there as it is freeeeeeeezing here!! Lots and lots of beautiful white fluff :D

Take care and stay away from crazy drivers (although that will be extremely difficult!! hehe!!)
Lotsa love x x x

Chris Mann

@ 3701 days ago

Hi Guys,

Glad you all arrived safely.

Hope you have a fantastic time in Amritsar – heard lots about Amritsar when finding pictures – wish we had visited!!! Want to hear lots about all the ceremonies and pics when technology allows!!!

Trish – I’m still laughing!!! It’s snowing again and once again your missing out!!! :( But still your in India for a second time which can’t be half bad!!!

Take care all


Juliette O'Beirne

@ 3701 days ago

Hi Guys
Glad you all arrived safely. Have you been reunited with the cases yet? It’s really cold here and very very snowy (5 inches-the most we’ve had for 10years) and Anna, we all have the day off for my birthday- how cool is that!!!! Hope you enjoy the flag lowering ceremony today.
Take care all of you

Mary Smyth

@ 3701 days ago

Very impressed how quickly the info gets on the site – looking forward to hearing all about the Golden Temple.
We will make a snowman for you Jen
Love to all – enjoy and keep safe xxx

Samuel Bell

@ 3701 days ago

Good to see you got there okay.
Bet you’re gutted that you are all missing the snow.
Hope its not too hot!

Take care,


Thelma & David Jeffers

@ 3701 days ago

Glad you arrived safely. Hope the missing luggage has turned up by now.
We are looking forward to seeing your photos and reading about what you are doing. Have a fantastic time.
Take care.

Thelma & David

Liz O'Grady

@ 3700 days ago

Hey Anna & everyone else!!!

Glad you all arrived safely, looks like so much fun!

Pretty weird how the weather here is snowing just like it was when we went 2 yrs ago!!

Looking forward to seeing the Delhi pics in the next few days!

Hope you are enjoying the trip to the max!!


anne butterworth

@ 3696 days ago

hope you all are having a good time,lovely pics and hows emma from uncle john auntie anne and cous joseph.