Sightseeing in Amritsar

2 February 2009

Last night we dined at one of Amritsar’s finest restaurants and enjoyed a traditional Indian feast, which everyone enjoyed. Afterwards we visited the Golden Temple to watch the ceremony, which takes place twice a day and is when the Holy Book is taken from the Hari Madhir Sahir (Golden Temple) to Akal Takhat (a smaller temple opposite) it was an incredible experience, the temple looked beautiful above the Sacred Pool and we found the respect and devotion to the Sikh religion was awe inspiring.

Today we had breakfast at the hotel buffet and then went to Jallianwala Bagh which is a memorial to the thousands of peaceful demonstrators who were killed or injured when the British, under the command of General Dyer, opened fire on them in 1919. Additionally, whilst trying to escape the unexpeccted open fire, people jumped into the well; later 120 bodies were recovered. The memorial site was extremely moving and shocking even so many years later.

Afterwards we walked to the Golden Temple to see it in the daylight. We visited the kitchen which feeds 100,000 people everyday for free. We also got a chance to make some of the food ourselves!

Afterwards, we travelled to the Pakistan and Indian border, Wagah Border, to see the ceremony where soldiers of each country put up a change of guard ceremony, in which the National flags of their respective countries are lowered. It was an incredibly lively ceremony with lots of shouting and dancing (especially from the Indian side.)

Good news! We arrived back at the hotel to find six lost cases had found their owners, and one new one had been bought. Early to bed tonight as we are up at 3.15am tomorrow morning!


Jan Ridley

@ 3700 days ago

Great news about the suitcases. You have only been there such a short time, but have already experienced so much. Sadly though, you are missing out on the heaviest snow in the South East for 18 years!


@ 3700 days ago

I am 93 and watch your travels with great interest as I lived in India some 55 years ago. I am sure you will be open to the culture and different ways of the Indian people. Remember, those of you who unfortunately lost your suitcases for a short time, still carried on you I am sure,a lot more than many Indian people possess. Have a wonderful experience. Sufi and Puss send their greetings too.

Mrs Palmer

@ 3700 days ago

Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic start to your trip! I’m looking forward to reading all the news, I think I may very well become addicted to the diary!

Roberta Boxshall

@ 3700 days ago

It’s so wonderful to be able to follow your visit here on the site. I am so glad the suitcase problems have been resolved and that already you are steeped in so much culture. Here, we have had 8 inches of snow and Geoff and I both had day off, since both the school and the museum were closed! We worked from home but did find a little time to go out and have some fun in the snow. The neighbourhood children built some gigantic snowmen in the park and everywhere there were squeals of delight in the brilliant, ice-bright sunshine. Today it is all slowly melting but the smaller roads are still treacherous. All our love to all of you. Great times x

Frank Long

@ 3700 days ago

Hello All, the golden temple looks amazing, very jealous! I heard the train ride was an ardous trip but at least you can chill out tonight before another busy day toorrow.Katherine, thinking of you, love you always.x

Natalie Boxshall and James Latham

@ 3700 days ago

Wow – it sounds like you guys have done some fantastic things already – the golden temple looks amazing! I’m sorry to hear about all the suitcase issues, but glad they have been resolved – it is always nice to be able to change into clean clothes and brush teeth etc.

Amy – I hope you are having a great time – its nice to hear that some things never change – like the driving and the flower garlands – they are both classic memories of mine. Can’t believe we’ve missed out on all the good snow though :-(. ha ha!

Enjoy the rest of the trip guys – it is nice to be able to watch your progress on here xxxxx