Arrival in Delhi

3 February 2009

This morning we got up at 3.10am in order to catch a 5am train lasting 7 hours. It was a good first experience on Indian trains for everyone, and we managed to catch up on lost sleep. We were met at the station by lots of luggage porters, who carried our bags on their heads through the madness that is New Delhi. We were driven to our amazing hotel by our new guides for Delhi. We were again presented with garlands and had a delicious lunch. This afternoon we had time to adjust and relax before a lovely dinner which we ate at the hotel.


Juliet Chaplin

@ 3700 days ago

Glad you are having a good time and that you enjoyed the train journey. I haven’t been to New Delhi but have travelled by train in India many times including experiencing the huge Howrah station in Kolkata. Best wishes to Kathryn Spink who told me about the trip and the website, and to all of you.

Pauline Gough

@ 3700 days ago

I feel sorry for those luggage porters if they had to carry Andrew’s suitcase on their head!!

Siobhan O'Brien

@ 3700 days ago

Hey guys,

Sounds like you had an amazing time in Amritsar, i am very jealous!! :p

So glad you got your cases back too!! I don’t think us girlies two years ago would have been able to cope without our cases!!

I had to get up early today as well, although you had something exciting to wake up for and I just had a hellish journey on an English train! I was stuck in London because of the snow yesterday so had to travel Back to uni today. It’s amazing how we have a little bit of snow in this country and everything grinds to a halt!!

I’m loving reading the diary, it is just weird to be on this end of it, reading it and not writing it!!

Keep enjoying yourselves and stay safe!!

Lotsa love to all of you x x x x

Alex Slavin

@ 3699 days ago

Blimey Pauline i agree, what a job! Sounds as though you are all eating well, had any use for the plastic pants yet?????

Liz Smyth

@ 3699 days ago

Jen – I can see your suitcase in the photo! I feel sorry for the poor person who had to carry it! Hope you are all having a good time. Lots of love xxxxxx

Kathy O'Brien

@ 3699 days ago

Hi everyone,

This will be one of your most memorable lifetime experiences. Enjoy every moment of it, you will put in a lot and take away much more.

It’s so wonderful to be able to follow your journey and great for your families back home to be able to follow you step by step. Technology permitting of course. I remember when Siobhan went 2 years ago I opened the site at 3.00 GMT every day and got quite disappointed if the diary hadn’t been updated. I was always quite emotional reading all about the various trips and find I am like that again. Of course I’ve known some of you since you were little more than tots (Katherine & Andrew) and some of you through Siobhan and fund raising events for Udayan.

God Bless and keep safe, I shall log in every day to see how you are doing and will send the occasional message.

Don’t worry Trish and Caroline I will not be as prolific as I was 2 years ago!! Well I don’t think so.

Love Kathy

Neal O'Shea

@ 3699 days ago

Hi all, hope you are having a fantastic trip and it certainly looks it already.
Im so rediculously jealous that im not back in India and wish everyone an amazing trip, I’ll be reading the blog everyday!

To kat, i bet your burnt already. haha. x

(and of course everyone has to look after Caroline for me)