Varanasi - Day 2

8 February 2009

The ninth day of the trip was spent in Varanasi. Today the itinerary included attending mass and visiting the Jesu Ashram fraternity of the Little Sisters of Jesus, founded by Little Sister Magdelene 56 years ago.

Unfortunately due to it being a hectic day the team were unable to post an entry on the website.

This evening they will be boarding the overnight train to Kolkata, their final destination where they will be visiting Udayan amongst other charities related to a City of Joy Aid.

A full entry from the team relating to today will be posted tomorrow upon arrival in Kolkata.

Thanks for your continued interest in the group’s progress.


Dom Weldon

@ 3695 days ago

hey guys! trip and pics look wonderful

hello mum!

Rob Riddleston

@ 3694 days ago

What a wonderful journey you are all having – its certainly warmer and dryer in India than Rickmansworth.

Stephen – your country needs you – all out for 51 at Sabina Park!!!

Phil & Mary Smyth

@ 3694 days ago

Just caught up on the last few days. Lovely to see the places and you all look so well. More snow tonight and still more to come.
Jen – everyone in France sends their love.
Enjoy, take care and love to all xx

Liz O'Grady

@ 3693 days ago

Hello boys/girls… weldon and miss devlin!

You must be nearing Udayan itself now? How very exciting!!

Take lots of pictures!!!

I hope the entertainment you provide them at the end of the week will be better than some of our dancing skills, – saturday night and the macarena (with Weldon turning the wrong way every time!). When you see the children peform you’ll be very impressed i’m sure.

So nice reading these blogs everyday, though me and my housemates are very jealous, it is absolutely freeeeeeezing here!!!

Anyway, I will keep this short and sweet

Hope you are all having a lovely time,

Take Care