Sightseeing in Kolkata

11 February 2009

Today we were lucky enough to have yet another informative and interesting tour guide who showed us the highlights of Kolkata. We first visited The Black Hole Memorial which was dedicated to the 123 British lives that were lost in the incident of 1756. We then travelled to the Jain Temple. This was completely different to all the temples we have visited so far as you can see from the picture below. It was a dazzling mixture of mosaics, spires and columns. The mosaics in particular were made up of thousands of beautiful mirrors and coloured stones.

The next part of the tour took us on to visit the home of India’s greatest modern poet, Rabindranath Tagore. It was an impressive mansion containing personal belongings and examples of his work. Tagore actually wrote the Indian national anthem and is highly respected by all. On our way to the final part of the tour we experienced yet another classic Indian traffic jam! Our final stop was the Botanical Gardens that were founded in 1786 to develop a then newly discovered herbal bush called “tea”. However, the highlight of the Botanical Gardens was definitely the world famous Banyan Tree. The pictures below will not do it justice, it is unbelievable just how vast an area it covers. The branches actually grow back into the ground!

We arrived back to our hotel for a delicious lunch of burgers and chips – Indian style! Later on we are all heading off to the markets to hopefully buy material for outfits which we will wear on our next visit to Udayan.

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Pauline Gough

@ 3692 days ago

Wow the pictures look amazing, to see it for real must have been spectacular. Love reading your daily blog and seeing the pictures helps us to appreciate what you are seeing and doing.
Pauline Gough

Pauline Gough

@ 3692 days ago

Have just looked at the photos of Udayan and I have to say it brought a tear to my eye when I saw the children holding the teddies! Seeing the teddies packed in Andrew’s case and now they have reached their destination is really heart warming.
God bless you all
Pauline Gough

Paul Slavin

@ 3691 days ago

Fantastic! fantastic! fantastic!

Tina Slavin

@ 3691 days ago

It’s wonderful to see you all with the children, it really does bring a lump to my throat seeing their smiling faces, especially holding the teddies. It’s obviously a very a special place that will no doubt stay with you for years to come.
It’s great keeping up and sharing in your daily blog. Keep them coming!
Hope you manage to see a tiger, but not too close!
God bless. With love, take care xxxxx

Mary Smyth

@ 3691 days ago

Wow! seems to sum it up. The children – the incredible scenery and buildings – the history. Thanks for the website, it means a lot to be able to follow your days.
Take care, Lots of love

Siobhan Garibaldi

@ 3690 days ago

You’ve seen an unbelievable amount in such a short time, it makes our life here seem so unexciting in comparison! The pics of the children looking so happy are wonderful and very humbling.
James, hope you’re enjoying every minute of your trip. We miss you lots and can’t wait to hear all your news. Don’t scare the tigers when you get to the camp!
Lots of love to everyone x

Grace Stacey

@ 3690 days ago

Heya guys,
wow ive been reading everyday and it sounds amazing I would definately rather be there then in lectures here!! It also is reminding all of us past students of our time there which are truly special memories! I am glad you had an amazing day at Udayan it is a truly special place.
Buying outfits is such a hard job there is so much to choose from – make sure you bartar haha.
Enjoy the next few days. I have a lecture soon so must dash will write soon.

Stay safe, hope you are all well,

Lov ya alll Grace xxxxxxxx