Sabina White

10 October 2010

I’m Sabina White, 17 years old and currently in my second year at the Sixth Form at St Joan of Arc studying Philosophy and Ethics, Media and English Literature. I hope to go on to a Social Work course at university when this year is complete. I’m also a twin!

Udayan has been a constant aspect of life at St Joan’s since I’ve joined the school, not just in the Sixth Form, and as I’ve learnt more and more about it I have become increasingly interested in seeing it for myself. Joining the pilgrimage through India to Udayan became an opportunity I was determined to grasp. I am incredibly grateful to be offered the chance to travel to India with Mrs Weldon and the team on a trip that I know will provide me with life changing experiences.

I can’t believe the trip is only around the corner as I’ve been looking forward to it for such a long time and now my bags are packed! I am excited about seeing first hand the rich culture India has to offer. I am especially excited about our stay at Udayan where we will meet the children and be able to offer some form of service to them.