Namaste from India

7 February 2011

Hi All,

Welcome to our India2011 diary!!!

It was with great excitement that we landed in Delhi at 10.20am (local time) this morning, 20 minutes ahead of schedule! The flight wasn’t too bad, although we struggled to get much sleep – we’ll put that down to excitement!

We went straight from the airport to our first hotel, The Residence, where we were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff. During the journey we were surprised by the amount of cars using their horns, very different from the UK. We had a quick bite to eat and then spent the rest of the day at our leisure catching up on lost sleep and exploring Delhi’s many shops. We all met up to eat in the hotel’s restaurant this evening where we had a lovely selection of curries.

Tomorrow we have an early start in the morning; a 4.45 wake up call, a shock for most the group! We shall catch the train to Amritsar where we shall be visiting the Golden Temple and Closing the Border Ceremony. We look forward to filling you in on day two of our Indian Adventure tomorrow afternoon.

See you tomorrow!!! :)


Tricia Makinson

@ 2965 days ago

So exciting to see the first photos… glad to see you are being well fed Millie – that looks like some portion!

Thinking about you all so much and looking forward to following your trail.

Elizabeth O'Grady

@ 2965 days ago

Oh dear, I remember those early wake up calls – definitely worth it though, what an experience the Golden Temple will be!!

Please put lots of photos in your diary entries :) x

12 C Business class

@ 2965 days ago

Hi, glad you arrived safely. Hope your enjoying the trip so far. sounds very exciting. Cant believe you had to get up at 4.45 but im sure it was worth it. We’re all working very hard :) see you soon x

St Johns Primary school year 5

@ 2965 days ago

We heard about your early start…WOW ! hope you are not too tired.Enjoy the Golden Temple at Amritsar and the border ceremony.Watch to see if they close the border at the same time. Can you tell us about the Guru Granth Sahib and what it means. We would also like to know if your beds are comfortable ..not that you’re in them very long!!!. Could year 5 also have any information about any wildlife you have encountered. Wishing you a happy and safe day. Still in all our prayers Love Year 5 ( St John’s)

Bivash Saniel

@ 2964 days ago

Welcome to India. Please take care of yourselves. Everyone in Udayan is eagerly waiting to meet you all. Have a wonderful stay.


Paula Smith

@ 2964 days ago

Fantastic to see the pictures and that you have all arrived safely. You continue to be in our prayers. The children at St John’s are all thrilled to be following your adventures and are looking forward to the next installment as am I! Mrs Smith (Headteacher – St. John’s).

Annika Hobbs

@ 2964 days ago

Shall be following this journey with as much excitement as you explorers. Will be logging on (almost) daily and looking forward to seeing the photos and the reading the experiences. Have fun – keep safe.


@ 2963 days ago


Make sure you don’t get Delhi Belly luv Q

Mary Hills

@ 2963 days ago

Hi Shaunagh & friends,

Hope you are enjoying your time in India and the experience of a lifetime!!!!!

Lots of love from Dave, Mary, Joe & Sam Hills xx

John and Pam

@ 2961 days ago

Your blog brings back memories of our trip in 2009. Great photos. It sounds as though your are enjoying and absorbing all that India means beyond just the tourist sights. We look forward to following your reports of your experiences yet to come.