Touring Delhi

11 February 2011

Today we began our adventure touring through Delhi at the Jama Masjid Mosque. The mosque had beautiful architecture and it is the second largest in the subcontinent created by Shah Jahan the emperor and famous architect of one of the Seven Wonders of the World which we will be visiting tomorrow. We then went on a tour by cycle rickshaws around the back streets of old Delhi, the smell of incense and the buzz of commercial activity hit us the most. We even saw many monkeys!!!!

We then went to Raj Ghat, Ghandi’s cremation site, which we all found a spiritual experience. Afterwards we could not resist the temptation of a McDonald’s as a small home comfort. The next destination was Birla House, the site of Ghandi’s assassination and the place where he spent his last 144 days. We walked round the house which is now a museum and took in the calm atmosphere; we followed his last steps which led out into a beautiful memorial garden. Everybody found this an awe-inspiring experience and was the highlight of the day.

Soon after, we arrived at Humayun’s Tomb, built to glorify the second Moghul Emperor. Costing around 1 million rupees in 1547 to build in traditional Moghul fashion; the tomb became the blue print to which the Taj Mahal was built. Our final stop was to the first mosque ever built in India. The ancient 75m tall tower, along with the beautifully detailed architecture was a true feat of engineering, we wondered how they’d managed such a project in 1211 without cranes and modern scaffolding! It was also a photographer’s paradise with all of us catching some good snaps.

This was a brilliant day, made all the better by our amazing expert guide, Ashim, who bore a striking resemblance to our own head of music, Mr. Berditch: it was uncanny!

After a long and tiring day we’ve packed our bags in anticipation of the 3.45AM start which we’re all greatly looking forward to tomorrow!! (NOT) So now it’s time for us to go to bed and we’ll keep you all updated.

Big hugs and kisses to everyone.



Steffi Lai

@ 2961 days ago

India looks beautiful, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the trip and get back safely, keep posting when you can!
Lots of love,
Steffi :)

Shauna Connor

@ 2961 days ago

Daunagh Shunlop! (Shaunagh Dunlop)
Looking amazing in the photos, i’m SO jealous!
Hope your having an amazing time! Your mummys currently round mine and told me to take a look at the photos, it all looks beautiful.
Keep safe and look after yourself. And for god sake come home in one piece!
We don’t want another skiing trip incident now do we!
Loving you so much and let me know when your home.
Lots of love the Connors and peggy sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@ 2961 days ago

Hi all. Hope you’re all coping with the early morning starts. I was impressed to read that you took a tour by cycle rickshaw and wondered how Sabina managed until I saw the photo and realised that someone else was doing all the hard work! It continues to look so fabulous.
Keep safe and happy travelling. x


@ 2961 days ago

Just to let you know that there are people enjoying your trip through your eyes who would be strangers to you. Keep smiling it’s raining here. Best Wishes from Ruby and John.

Tessa Mason

@ 2960 days ago

Hi Millie and friends, Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time, can’t wait to see the photos and hear all about. Thinking of you and sending you big hugs. Love from Tessa, Carl, Ollie and Evie x

Alicia, Pippa, Dotties and John

@ 2960 days ago

Sounds as if you are having an amazing time, we are all very envious of you! So exciting to read the diary notes.
Special love to Millie.

Lots of Love

Pippa, Alica, Mummy, Uncle John and Dotty x X x