Day 10 - Varanasi

15 February 2011

The tenth day of the trip was spent in Varanasi. Today the itinerary included visiting the Jesu Ashram fraternity of the Little Sisters of Jesus, founded by Little Sister Magdeleine 58 years ago.

Unfortunately due to it being a hectic day the team were unable to post a full entry on the website.

This evening they will be boarding the overnight train to Kolkata, their final destination where they will be visiting Udayan amongst other charities related to the City of Joy Aid.

A full entry from the team relating to today will be posted tomorrow upon arrival in Kolkata.

Thanks for your continued interest in the group’s progress.



@ 2958 days ago

Hello Sabina and your travelling team.

Your journey sounds amazing and really exciting. I can’t believe that 10 days have already passed. I hope you are keeping a detailed account of all the good places to see so that you can be a guide to others who might go along when/if you go back again. Granny says ‘hello’. I hope you are collecting some good recipes for your Dad! I look forward to the next steps on the journey. Love, Ber

St Johns Year 4

@ 2957 days ago

Hello everyone hope you are all well. we are enjoying reading your diary and want to wish Dominic a happy birthday. Are you enjoying the wild life in India, have you had the opportunity to ride an elephant? India looks so beauitful from your photos, we are really looking forward to you visiting us and telling us about your adventures.What are your favourite moments?
Lots of love and God Bless all the children in Year 4xxx

Liz O'Grady

@ 2957 days ago

Your trip is going by so quickly!!

Enjoy the train journey, look out for the monkeys on the side of the tracks :)


bridget, year 5, st johns school

@ 2957 days ago

hiya everyone, hope you are all well.
happy birthday dominic!
did you see any elephants dotted around the place? i have a strange feeling you did! i loved the picture in Varanasi. you all look like you are having the time of your lives! i wish i was with you. its amazing that ten days have already gone bye! wish you a good journey to Kolkata. hope everything is running smoothly. from bridget.

Lauren Dunlop &; Roy Smith

@ 2957 days ago

Safe journey to Kolkata..x

Bernie & Sinead English

@ 2957 days ago

Hi Shaunagh

Have been following your amazing trip on the JOA website, you have been to so many wonderful places! Hope you are ok and we look forward to hearing all your news when you get back :)

Lots of luv
Bernie, Tom & Sineadxxx

St John's Year 2

@ 2957 days ago

Hello everyone, we are very excited awaiting your news of Udayan. Please can you say a big “Hello” to the children from all of us here in Year 2.
lots of love Year 2xxx

St Johns Primary school year 5

@ 2956 days ago

This goes out to all the children of Udayan! We hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed recieving the teddies and books that the St Joan of Arc group brought for you. You must have been very excited when they came. Please know that they bring with them all our love and best wishes. We are very keen to keep in contact after St Joan of Arc have gone as we feel very close to you.
You are our friends across the ocean.
A big hello to you father James Stevens. We haven’t forgotten you!

We hope you survived the train journey and we are so excited that you have reached Udayan. We are all so proud of you and your achievements. Year 5 are so enthused by the work that you are doing and the message you carry.
Take care
God Bless you and all at Udayan

Jessica and Liam

@ 2954 days ago

Hope you have had an exciting day. It must be great to be going to all those places.

We hope you have got enough rest from that train journey. Fourteen hours? That is long!

We hope to hear from you soon.
Jessica and Liam at St. Johns