Arrival back in the UK

24 February 2011

Hi All,

We are pleased to inform our readers of the India2011 diary that the group arrived back into London Heathrow to be greated by family and friends just before 7am this morning after a journey in which we left Kolkata at 6pm yesterday evening (12.30pm GMT).

On behalf of all the group we would like to thank our readers and those who have commented for their continued interest in the diary. The statistics of those reading our diary and the comments left for us have really motivated us throughout our trip.

We look forward to sharing our experiences of the trip and of Udayan with our friends, family, and in assemblies at St Joan’s and many other primary schools.

The India2011 Group


bridget, year 5, st johns school

@ 2948 days ago

Welcome home everyone!
That was such a journey, two and a half weeks! You must be so tired.
I hope you enjoyed it all the way and I’m sure that the people you met in India were very pleased to have you visit their country. The places you visited look beautiful in your photos. Sounds like you were on vacation. I bet that loads of people that read your blogs wanted to be with you in India!
You have truely inspired me with what you have done. It shows how much you care about the children of Udayan.
Hope all is well,
from Bridget. xxx

Katie Parslow

@ 2943 days ago

Hope you had a lovely time in India cant wait to here about all your adventures.

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