Lucy Moran

29 December 2012

My name is Lucy Moran, I am 17 years old and I’m currently doing Drama and Theatre Studies, Business Studies and Geography. After finishing my A-levels I hope to go to university and study primary education.
I have grown up surrounded by many charity events for Udayan through primary school and more so at St. Joan of Arc. I have helped as best I could and recently supported the Road to Rouen fund raiser through small events that contributed to the overall amount raised for Udayan. I look forward to seeing the children there and also how the money we raise helps them and the home.

I hope not only to have a brilliant experience travelling to such a unique place, but also to learn so much about all the children and how much more we can help them. I’d like to give Udayan a fun and friendly individual who cares for their future. I hope my visit will also help me when I go on to do primary education as I will be able to experience a completely different school environment which could teach me a lot.

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to meet everyone at Udayan and cannot wait to go!