11 February 2013

After a 6 hour flight to Dubai, a 2 hour stop over and a 4 hour flight to Kolkata, we have arrived. The journey was incredibly long and we are all very tired. The drive from Kolkata to our hotel, in a mini bus we were lucky enough to have used sent from Udayan, was bumpy and loud to say the least! The traffic in the city was a hundred times worse than London, if that’s even possible to imagine. We loved seeing all the different sights that the small part of Kolkata we travelled through had to offer.

We were grateful to have a nice siesta this afternoon, and we woke up to go and visit a Kolkata market. It was definitely an experience we won’t forget; the smells and sights that we witnessed were not for the faint-hearted! At the end of the day, we are here to witness anything and everything that Kolkata has to offer.

All of us bought Indian style outfits from a small shop in the market and it’s safe to say the girls took the longest, and without surprise, Mrs Weldon was the last one to leave! We were all very pleased with what we bought.

We are now packing our bags for our first stay at Udayan, which we are very much looking forward to. It is an early start tomorrow so we are all off for an early night now.

Good night, we will update you tomorrow!


Lesley Ashton

@ 2230 days ago

Glad you arrived safe and sound. Sounds like your first day was an adventure already and the market was an assault on the senses, hiw fabtastic. Continue to enjoy and embrace everything thrown at you, this such a wonderful, life changing experience for you all.
Have fun! X

Chris Ashton

@ 2230 days ago

Glad to hear you are there safe and sound all. I am enjoying an Indian meal in Leeds at the moment, nearest I can get. !! Enjoy the experience all and look forward to seeing my lovely Rachel and you all back safe and sound.

Year 5

@ 2229 days ago

Hello to all of you at Udayan our friends from Joan of Arc. We really hope you are having a good time and have arrived safely, if not a bit shaken!We are interested in what the first experience of meal time was like and can’t wait to hear about your introductions with the children of Udayan.We are very proud of all of you and think that what you are doing is truly wonderful.We hope your next daily adventure is full of joy.
God Bless
Year 5 at St John’s

Eve Kelly

@ 2229 days ago

Hello to all of you in Uydan.Glad to here you have arrived safe and sound .I cant wait to here about your adventures soon.

From Eve

Alfie Marah

@ 2229 days ago

Hello joan of ark,
Glad to haer you are having a good time in Udayan. Hope you enjoy your next trip.

from Alfie

Tony Allen

@ 2229 days ago

What an amazing experience this must be for you all. It looks and sounds like everyone is having fun.

I look forward to reading the comments and pictures each day so please keep the updates coming through.

I am also very happy that I now know my house hasnt been burgled and my flip-flops havent been stolen because I can now see that they are in Kolkata, on Lukes feet!! He must have forgot to mention he was borrowing them.

Continue having a great time and keep up the great work you are all doing.

Tony Allen.

Cristian Liam Kathryn

@ 2229 days ago

hey guys seen the photos looks like having a grrreat time hope you make some friends for life. bring us back some presents love u all xxx <3

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