14 February 2013

Today we visited the Asha Bhavan centre for handicapped children. It was an inspiring experience where we met lots of really sweet children.

Our transport for the day was an old ambulance leant to us by the centre! It allowed us to beat much of the Kolkata traffic by using the siren…an unconventional way of travelling!

We spent most of the day visiting their lessons and playing with them. The staff at the centre cooked us a delicious traditional Indian meal, which we all really enjoyed. After our meal, the children put on a cultural show for us which was amazing as many of the children showed off special talents, such as Indian dancing. Anna and Kirsten then performed “Hallelujah” as a display of our group’s talents. All performances were very well received!

The children then began to dance around, and within minutes we were all up dancing with them. It was a very surreal experience taking part in an impromptu Indian disco!

Overall, it was a very special day. Tomorrow we are all looking forward to our visit to Brother Gaston.


Lesley Ashton

@ 2227 days ago

These are the cutest photos, the best so far! Another lovely day for you all, not everyday you travel in an ambulance.
Enjoy your day tomorrow.
Lesley x

Grandma Barbara Gibbs

@ 2227 days ago

Good to see you all enjoying your time with the children.
Have an inspiring day tomorrow,and the rest of your stay.
Grandma Gibbs.

Mr Sweeney

@ 2227 days ago

Greetings from St Joan’s.

I have been catching up on your activities over the first few days. You already seem to have experienced so many memorable moments that I wonder how it is going to get any better.
It is fantastic to see the joy in the children’s faces who you are working with, you all make me feel very proud and I hope that you feel likewise.
Good luck for the next few days and let the children know that all the community of St Joan’s care about them and their future.
May God bless you all and keep you safe,
Peter Sweeney


@ 2227 days ago

Hi Have been following your blog and enjoying looking at the photos. Glad to see you are having such a good time, everyone looks so happy. Keep up the good work looking forward to hearing all about it in more detail when you get back. Everyone sends there love mum

Katrina and Hannah

@ 2226 days ago

Hi Jem,
It looks like your having a great time!!
Been missing you like crazy! Can’t wait till you come home!
lots of love Katrina and Hannah xxxxxxxxx

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