DAYS 9 and 10

20 February 2013

We woke up early at Udayan, ate breakfast and then went to play with the children before their lessons started. The older girls in particular loved practicing their English with us, and asked us lots of questions.

Once lessons began, we taught Classes 1-4. We particularly focused on their numeracy, teaching counting in English and even practicing times tables with the older children. Sometimes the language barrier made it difficult, but the teachers were happy to translate. After a while, we understood how we could communicate best with them. It was a lot of fun for all of us.

Later in the afternoon we visited a hospital for leprosy sufferers run by Mother Teresa’s Brothers, the Missionaries of Charity, which was a short drive from Udayan. It was quite a shocking experience but one we will not forget. It became clear the horrible things the children at Udayan will have experienced before they joined the school.
In the evening, we took part in a show the children at Udayan put on for us. The children performed a traditional Indian dance, sang a song written by the children themselves, and played several instruments. We on the other hand…performed the Cha Cha Slide, sang Do Re Mi and Anna and Kirsten sang “Hallelujah”. We finished off with a short dance to a popular Indian song. Unfortunately, we couldn’t perform two more songs due to a technical hitch!

After the show, the staff at Udayan prepared a meal for us on the rooftop of one of the buildings. It was decorated beautifully and we were looked after really well. We were really sad to leave!

DAY 10
We have spent our last full day packing and relaxing, as there was a General Strike across India. At lunchtime, we walked up to The Oberoi Hotel to have drinks. The hotel was incredible and we loved taking it all in.
This evening will we have a farewell meal and an early night, ready for a 5:30am start tomorrow morning to come home!
We are all excited to come home and see you all!


The morans

@ 2221 days ago

We can not wait to see you Lucy!!!! Very excited!! Safe journey home we all love you so much well done! xxxxxxxxxx

Grandma Barbara Gibbs

@ 2221 days ago

Pray for safe journey home,enjoyed the last 10days with you all.

shaunagh dunlop

@ 2221 days ago

Hey guys :)
What amazing experience you having. I know you would of loved it just as much as we did. Really enjoyed reading your daily blog. Brought back some really great memories of India. Have a safe trip back

Big hugs&kisses
shaunagh dunlop


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