Namaste from India

8 February 2015

We have arrived in India! After 13 hours travelling, we landed early this morning at Kolkata airport and were driven to the Fairlawn hotel in the Udayan bus James had sent for us. We experienced a slight glimpse of the chaos of Indian traffic and seeing a cow in the middle of the road is definitely not a sight we are used to seeing. Although we have been told the roads may be livelier tomorrow, a weekday.

The first thing we noticed about the hotel is the striking but comforting green colour scheme, it offers a serene setting within the city. We were greeted with an English breakfast which was lovely and completely unexpected. Of course, after this, we were all in need of a nap so tried to catch a few hours of sleep before visiting a local market.

In the early afternoon, we made our way to this market in an attempt to buy some traditional Indian outfits to wear on our last evening at Udayan. However, as it was a Sunday the market was closed, so we ended up just having a trip round the block! The little outing certainly allowed us to see a bit more of India and also served as a reminder of the poverty around us.

Upon returning to the Fairlawn, James Stevens (founder of Udayan) and his wife Lallita popped in for tea and we got to hear a bit more about him and this amazing work that they do. This has definitely made us more excited to visit the children at Udayan tomorrow morning!



@ 1563 days ago

Glad to see you have all arrived safely :-)

Dan McNamara

@ 1563 days ago

Good luck!
Hope you have fun.
Say a prayer for us when with the Missionaries of Charity.

Dan & family.

Mrs Stack

@ 1563 days ago

So glad you have arrived safe and sound. Been sending you all good vibes. Sounds like you have seen a lot already.
Thinking of you all
Mrs Stack

Mrs O'Hanlon

@ 1563 days ago

Great to hear you have arrived safely. Wishing you all a great Feelin’ Good Week! Can’t think of a better way to spend it. You will certainly be getting your 5 a day – connect with others, be curious, be active, learn new things and give. Savour every moment.

Mrs O’Hanlon

Lisa Lynch

@ 1563 days ago

It’s so nice to read about your first day in India. Enjoy the next few days in the school. We are constantly thinking of you & what you might be up to. Praying for you all & the people you meet.

Love you Daddy!
Lisa, Pippa, Rosa & Noah Xxxx

Mr Doyle

@ 1562 days ago

You’re all looking great, cool travelers. Keep smiling and have a fabulous time. It looks lovely and warm there. Be safe.
Mr Doyle

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