Our Return to the UK

19 February 2015

After 12 wonderful days in Kolkatta, our Udayan mission has come to an end. We set off for Kolkata airport at 5am this morning and we are still travelling. We are currently an hour into the Dubai to Gatwick flight on an Airbus A380, living the high life (if you’ll pardon the pun!) and are due to arrive back in the UK at 6.30 this evening.

I think it’s fair to say we cannot believe how quickly the 12 days have gone. We have experienced so much, realised how fortunate we are in the UK and had such an amazing time. Reflecting on the trip last night at dinner we were asked what our most memorable moment of the trip would be. To be honest it’s hard to choose just one as each experiences we have had in India have been equally as fantastic. However, all the good causes that the Dominique Lapierre City of Joy Aid support Are places that we will not forget.

We are so thankful to Caroline for choosing us to be a part of the Udayan Mission Team but not only this, as we’re so grateful that she introduced Udayan to the school otherwise we would never have been able to contribute to such a wonderful organisation. Also, we have to thank Chris and Liam for help throughout this trip and to Liam making it even more fun for the kids at Udayan and for us. We are all very excited to share our experiences with our friends, family and the St Joan’s Community. Hopefully we can use our experiences to do even more fundraising for Udayan – it’s a truly great cause!

On behalf of us all, we would like to thank everyone who has followed the trip and commented, it has been great to have all of your support. As we now approach home, we all are realising what a special trip this has been and we hope we can share that with all of you. All that’s left to say is thank you, and see you back in England!


Nora Duckett

@ 1551 days ago

Dear Teachers and Students of JOA,

I spoke to my niece, Sasha Correia, yesterday evening and she told me about the blog. Having read it I’m full of admiration and wonder about the trip to India and Udayan. The children who live there, though effected by significant loss, poverty, leprosy and impairment, come across in the photos and written description as generous, joyful, hardworking and truly inspirational.

As a proud aunt I woukd like to offer my gratitude and say how appreciative I am of the organisers of this event and of the young people who took part. This trip will have had and continue to have, a profound impact on Sasha and her peers and indirectly those around them (me for instance). Now that’s education!
Thank you so much. Nora Duckett (21.02.2015).

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