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Touring Kolkata - Part 1 | St Joan of Arc - Udayan

Touring Kolkata - Part 1

11 February 2017

Today we explored Kolkata as a group. We first walked to the Eden Gardens stadium; one of the largest cricket stadiums in the world. We then walked to the Ganges River where we watched people gather to wash, talk and be blessed. We then took taxis to McDonald’s where we had very authentic Indian chicken nuggets.

After our lunch, we walked back to the hotel for a brief rest before heading back out to the market where all-of the girls had unique henna designs drawn onto their hands. This was followed by browsing many of the stalls that Kolkata’s market had to offer, where we bought gifts for the children at Udayan that they had told us they enjoy using on our previous visit to them. We then headed for dinner at Marco Polos which was extremely delicious.

On return to the hotel in the evening, we received our sarees, shalwar khameezes (which all looked amazing with their bright colours and flamboyant styles) in preparation for our shared celebration evening with the children of Udayan on Monday night.


Janice O'Donovan

@ 1760 days ago

Looks amazing, love seeing your big smiley faces. Would love a picture of the girls in their saris. Carry on making great memories. Love to you all. Jan

Miss Devlin

@ 1760 days ago

Hello everyone,

Following your journey with great interest. It sounds as if you are having an amazing time and the pictures look fantastic.

Enjoy the rest of your trip and particularly your return visit to Udayan.

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you return to school.

Take care,
Miss Devlin

Carol O'Mara

@ 1759 days ago

Loving the blog and photos. Great to hear about the children and all the lovely things you’re doing with them. Enjoy yourselves! This is definitely a special trip you’ll always remember x

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