29 January 2005

It is with great excitement that we leave for India tomorrow. Some of us have been organised and are packed, others are still throwing stuff in their suitcase and probably will be until the last second. I think I speak for many of the group when I say that I don’t think we can believe we are off to Udayan: the place we have heard so much about and worked so hard for.

We will try and keep this diary updated as regularly as technology permits, so make sure you keep checking back for updates! All that remains to say is see you in India!


Sophie Tighe

@ 5198 days ago

hey guys!
i kow you're all flying off today so i just wanted to wish you all the best of luck and i hope you have a great trip.
all my love
soph xx

Emma Ridley

@ 5196 days ago

I hope you all have a wonderful time in India and can't wait to hear about all your adventures when you return. Stay safe, Emma Ridley

Granny & Grand-dad B.

@ 5192 days ago

Hello Globe trotters! Thrilled to hear and see you are all having the time of your life.We find it exciting just watching your progress.

Aunt Angela (Gonsalves) - {Canada}

@ 5189 days ago

Hi Chris and all you world travellers. Hope you have a wonderful adventure. The pictures on the site are stunning. Stay safe

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