India 2019

Day 9: Back To School

We visited a local girls' school that doubled up as a Tardis - we were shocked by the sheer number of students in such a small facility with five to a bench, 75 in a room, and 1,800 students overall with just 30 full-time teachers teaching seven subjects: Bengali, English, Maths, Life Science, Physical Science, Geography and History.

Day 8: Teaching & Learning

It was another eventful yet amazing day at Udayan, and the group are more than happy to be back to literally the happiest place on earth!

Day 7: A Week in India – A lifetime of memories

The Gospel from mass reminded us all of the talents and gifts we have been granted, urging us to fully utilise these. Udayan and our time in India has been the perfect opportunity to fulfil this potential.

Day 5/6: Calcutta/Kolkata

Day 5 and 6 were an opportunity for the team to get a bit of rest – the whole trip so far had been pretty relentless since the cancelled flights had caused some to have a 36 hour day, followed by three intense days at Udayan then visits to Titagarh, the ABC and ICOD.

Day 4: The Holiest Man I Ever Met

A very different wake up this morning, it was the first night in the hotel – and we didn’t have curry for breakfast! Everyone is missing Udayan loads but was really excited for an amazing day that has been planned.

Day 3: The Great Divide

Another 5am start! All members of the group were up and eager for prayer and exercises, except for Liam… (he claims he was engaged in private prayer) and were beginning to settle into a routine at Udayan.

Day 2: 5am karate sessions before taking the kids to school

At 5am, the day starts with the children singing their hearts out at prayer, after which they beckoned us with ‘Hi Sisters!’ and excitedly guide us to their morning karate workout.

Day 1: Welcome & Puja

Due to our connecting flight from Mumbai to Kolkata being cancelled, our group was split in two...

Vicky summarises her time at Udayan back in 2015

With 6 days to go until we depart for Kolkata to visit Udayan, Vicky McMillan who visited Udayan back in 2015 shares her experiences of her time in Kolkata and Udayan.

Sophia provides her thoughts on the 2019 trip to Udayan

With 14 days to go until the 2019 group of Year 13 students from St Joan of Arc Catholic School set off for India to visit Udayan - our whole school charity, Sophia, one of the students on the trip tells us how she's feeling about the trip.

Team 2019

Another team is getting ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime to visit the Children of Udayan.