4 February 2005

We arrived by air in Varanasi today, and after settling into our hotel, went down through the town to the banks of the Ganges. We will be visiting Mother Ganga at sunrise tomorrow when apparently it is breathtakingly beautiful.


We have also updated the other posts to add some pictures.


The Dodds family

@ 5156 days ago

Great photos. Keep them coming.

Emma Ridley

@ 5156 days ago

The photos were amazing thanks for putting them on. You all look like you are having such a great time in India. See you soon and have fun.


@ 5156 days ago

These photos are lovely. Keep on having a brilliant time and we'll see you soon.


@ 5156 days ago

wow guys lookin good. Dodds, the photos are amazing. hope you're all having a great time. love soph xxx

The Ridley family

@ 5156 days ago

It is so wonderful to be able to track your progress. What a wonderful experience! Love to all of you.
P.S. The house is amazingly tidy!


@ 5154 days ago

hi guys, looks like you're having a wicked time. Photo's are amazing! See you soon, all the best from Brum. Love u Nat x

Frances Dodds

@ 5151 days ago

My my! What splendid photos young James,i am most proud! Hope you're all having a fantastic time and using lots of sun block! love you.xx

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