Little Sisters

6 February 2005

We woke up this morning and attended a Mass at the local cathedral which was said in Hindi. The music was absolutely fantastic, with an Indian drummer, singers and even some dancers who led the Bishop down the aisle at the start of Mass.

Group with the Little Sisters

After taking a rickshaw ride back to the hotel where we had breakfast, we then took another rickshaw down to the Ganges where we walked to the Little Sisters of Jesus. The Little Sisters were formed by Sister Madeleine in 1956, and quickly spread across the globe and now have fraternities in over 90 countries. Whilst living in different parts of the world, they try to fit in and support the local community in the spirit of Charles de Foucault. They support themselves by taking menial work, which also helps them to integrate with fellow workers.

Little Sister Lourdomary of Jesus

Woman with baby

We are heading off on the train now to Kolkata.


Roberta and Geoff Boxshall

@ 5218 days ago

Jan's house may be tidier but our house is a lot quieter! No seriously, darling we love and miss you LOADS! The colours of India are astoundingly beautiful! I feel I must rush off and paint pictures immediately to channel the creative energy they inspire.........and maybe a song with sitars in it! Love xxxx

The O'Beirnes

@ 5218 days ago

Brilliant photos guys! What an experience for you all. Both photos and commentary are a great way for us to join in a little bit. Hope you are liking the curries and that your train journey will be uneventful!! I look forward to the next instalment. Love Dad

Dodgy Five from Dorking

@ 5218 days ago

Pictures gratefully recieved (Sufi is less worried now she's seen you!). Family lunch at Justin and Caroline's not the same without you! Have a good curry for us!
Excellent commentary team, look forward to the next installment.
Take care one and all x

Jan Ridley

@ 5218 days ago

Just come back from a pub lunch (we toasted you) and dropping Steve back at the tube station. So pleased to see a photo of you all. I do enjoy being able to walk into the hall without falling over your clutter, but we all miss you.
The Ridley family
P.S. Could someone take a photo of the photographer? - I'm sure his parents would appreciate it.

fraser bernadette, ruairi dodds

@ 5217 days ago

good photos proud of you. lets have a pic of the photographer please! Ruairi:Hey james nice work. well done, look forward to seeing you.
love fromn the FAMLY


@ 5217 days ago

Great photos again! It looks like you're having such a brilliant time. I agree, I think we should see a pic of the talented photographer!


@ 5217 days ago

lookin good guys! missing you all, common rooms empty without yous! photos are beautiful, good job dodds
take care lads soph xxx


@ 5217 days ago

dear Nattie,
How kool! You sat on the bench where Princess Diana sat!!!! I hope ur havin a lovely time. I miss u lots n lots. The house is very quiet. I love u SOOOOOOOOO much and I cannot wait for the 16th Feb. See you really soon. Enjoy it, you only live once. N i hope ur keepin ur diary up to date as i want 2 hear all about your adventure.
Love you, love ames xxxxx


@ 5216 days ago

Hya guys. Hope your all ok and having lots of fun. The photos are getting better and better so keep them coming. Wishing you all the best for the long train journey. Missing you loads but i know your having the time of your lives out there, so enjoy the experience, you lucky people. See you soon. Emma xxxxxx


@ 5216 days ago

hello mother and all- wow, sounds like you're having an awesome time out there...the photos are amazing! just to let any of my mum's fellow, delusional watford supporters know, you guys beat gillingham 2-0 on the weekend! diary is great, glad to hear everything's working out as you hoped, enjoy...carpe diem, dom :)


@ 5216 days ago

hi everyone!glad to see you are all safe and well.the pictures are absolutely beautiful and far from anything i could have imagined!you are all missed loads and loads.take care,laura xxx

Harrison family

@ 5216 days ago

So proud of you all. Amazing photos. Great to be able to share some of your experiences. Phone is so quiet Sinead. People actually able to get through to us!!! Missing you but so pleased for you all. Keep those photos and info coming.

Mrs Willis & Mr Thorpe

@ 5213 days ago

fantastic diary!! glad to see the computers from the school have been useful, keep having a great time - we are looking forward to our soggy, cold half term here

Ms Willis & Mr Thorpe


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