Tata from India

15 February 2005

Our last night in India, and so we come to the final post.

This morning, a few of us got up for 6:00 Mass at the mother house, and then went on to Nirmal Hiraday, the Home for the Dying. Although at times it was trying and uncomfortable, the sense of satisfaction at the end of our shift made it worthwhile.

Except for a bit of last minute shopping, today has mostly been spent packing largely inflated suitcases and preparing for the 24 hour (!) marathon that is our journey back to England. We leave you with a few last photos from throughout the trip.



Washing machine poster

We also have a short story for you.

One day, an Englishman was in India, and approached an Indian man cutting the grass. The Englishman had got a bit lost, and so asked, “What is the name of this town?”. Now, the Indian man didn’t speak very good English, and assumed that he had been asked “When was the last time you cut the grass?”. He answered “Kol cutta”, meaning “I cut the grass yesterday”, and this is how Calcutta got its name!

Thank you very much for sharing our journey, and make sure you check back to see all of the photos from our amazing adventure!

My India is Great!


Veronica & Ron

@ 5182 days ago

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. We shall miss hearing from you you have made it so interesting to follow. Safe journey home.
We will be pleased to welcome you all back.

Emma Ridley

@ 5182 days ago

hya to everyone (for the last time). I would like to thank everyone of you for this website as i think that the last two and a half weeks have been made alot easier on everyone at home by this site. It's been amazing reading about your adventures and sharing in your experiences. I can't wait to see you again chris, i've been so lonely. Safe journey, hope the flight isn't too bumpy, or delayed! Cya tomorrow love you lots Em xxxxxx

Paul Tate-Smith

@ 5182 days ago

Hi Tom,

Sounds like you have had a great trip and you will have stories to tell for years to come. We look forward to seeing your excellent photographs when you get back.
Congratulations to everyone on all the good work you have achieved over the last 2 weeks.
Love Paul, Cate, Alex and Harry

Steve Ridley

@ 5181 days ago

Well I suppose all good things must come to an end. looking forward to seeing you all when you get home and hearing a lot more about you're adventures in India. Steve


@ 5180 days ago

I had the most amazing time and have loved looking back on our time out there, since I gave up on writing my own journal for the last week. I'll never forget a single experience of the trip and the fun we had as a group. Will miss you all and would like to apologise for my tears at the airport. England is so boring in comparison, but back to normality i guess. Thankyou everyone