Touring the Taj

6 February 2007

The third day of the trip was spent touring the Taj Mahal.

The group were unable to publish their diary entry today due to technical difficulties at their current accommodation. Please check back tomorrow when hopefully Chris will have posted the article!

Thanks for your continued interest in the group’s progress.


Grace (and Emily)

@ 4393 days ago

Yo dudes
Grace and Emily here waves just wondering how you all are, shame about the techie hitch…come on Chris (as Miss D would say) SORT IT OUT! So it was -4 degrees this morning when we all got up and went to school (although not all as I got to lie in!!!) There was even frost on the inside on the windscreen in Grace’s car dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun
Details of Neal’s head bashing required by the way as current report is unsatisfactory (come on we want a proper laugh)
I’m in trouble with Grace rolls eyes cheeky giggle
Love you all loads
Grace and Em


@ 4393 days ago

Hey Kit-kat just wanted to say hello and wondering how you are and what sort of things you’e encountered today I hope they’re not all too upsetting. Everyone fron 56 send their love and best wishes. Mum agrees that shes missing the high pitched screams coming from your garden and its only two weeks today until youre back! Auntie sends her love and Alex says that he loves you, hes being an annoying git in English so you’re not missing much. Its horribly cold over here we shouldn’t have togo to school! Ok I’ll shut up nw just missing you lots all my friends say hi and considering the weather are all very jelous! xxxxxxxxxx oh Andrew thinks Mika is weird but I think thats cheap coming from him!


@ 4393 days ago

sorry chris, that is a poor excuse mate :)

hope its all going well!

sounds like another interesting day!!!

love BELL

xXx FrAnCesCa xXx

@ 4393 days ago

disappointment setting in ppl, was looking forward to reading your report of the TaJ!! well at least i got my daily text from Siobhan to update me on the latest! Taj Mahal sounds amazing- i’m so jealous!! n no keyrings?!?
not happy lol jokin :P
psychology was quiet without you Siobhan!! got you a sheet on ethical guidelines-bet you can’t wait to come back to that! another 5am start 2moro- MADNESS!! but deffo worth it! hopefully there will b no technical difficulties 2mz and we can read your diary entry!
Hollyoaks = JonPaul and Craig kissed. blurghhhhhhh.errrrrrrrrr.YuK. well funny though. :P
Hope everyone is well and coping with the food, weather etc. n yes it is FREEZING here.
10:48pm and frost setting in on the cars again, apparantly supposed to snow this week! Siobhan don’t get too much of a tan in India lol haha
Muchos love 2 all xxxxxxxxx missing you xxxxxxxxxxx FrAn xxxxxxxxxxxx


@ 4393 days ago

hey never mind, don’t worry about the taj report, its not even that impressive….

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4393 days ago

Morning all, another cold day here and a threat of 5 cm of snow tomorrow – do you think that means I can “work from home”? No such luck. Chris you need to get a handle on this tekie stuff we’re all waiting here for your updates – we can’t get through the day without them. It’s 9.30 am here and 3.00 pm with you so you must have got back to Delhi and be on your flight to Varanasi by now. Looking forward to lots of lovely pics and two great days reports later on today. Caroline, Tricia and Kathryn hope you are keeping sane in the company of our wonderful young people. Must admit it’s very quiet in Cottingham Chase, although I bet India probably doesn’t know what’s hit it. We managed to tape whatever it was you wanted last night Siobhan, well Dad did, you know me and technology. Bye for now and lots of love to Siobhan and all the gang. MUM xxxXxxx
The Taj not impressive – IS HE MAD – I thought he was a highly intellient boy!!!!!

Mrs Dyt

@ 4393 days ago

Hello everyone,

I have a Year 11 geography cover lesson and we decided to check out you lot in India. a very valuable geography lesson. We have loved reading about your journey so far. I imagine being with the children must be such a wonderful experience and maybe hard to leave them too. How fantastic to leave the bears. Such a practical and useful thing to bring so much pleasure.

We are taking notes about rainforests which is vastly different from your experience!!!!

You will have heard about the expectation of snow. Apparently it is going to be the biggest snow for many years – we are secretly praying that it is true and that we must stay home tomorrow!!!! Anything to avoid a 7 period day!!!though very unlikely.
Not much news here. The Year 11s are doing study skills in the hall today – hope it works! The sun is shining even though it is so terribly cold.
I hope you are all keeping well.

We are still praying for you.
Mrs Dyt


@ 4393 days ago

Hey Grace,

HOPE ALL IS WELL? I at uni getting no work done it sucks!!!! Hope you having a great time.

James xXx

barbara & peter oliver

@ 4392 days ago

hello to our darling katherine still expecting you to walk thro’ the door. love the photos you look georgeous in what ever that blue top your wearing is? losing track of what days are 8pm wed eve here you must be in bed . have another exciting day tomorrow love to all mum & dad xxxxxxxxxx

cousin lizzy

@ 4392 days ago

Great one Catherine
loads of love Lizzy xxxxxxxxxxx