Asha Bhavan

15 February 2007

Today we visited the Asha Bhavan Centre, which a home for physically challenged children. We were warmly welcomed by the children and their founder, Sukeshi Barui, with a rose and anointing on the forehead with a tikka.

Asha Bhavan Centre

We were given a tour around the centre, looking at their classrooms, physiotherapy sessions and outpatients clinic. It was fascinating to see how artificial limbs are created – the process is amazing.

Asha Bhavan Centre

Asha Bhavan Centre

It was remarkable to the see the amount of care, love and attention the children received from their carers. The children entertained us with traditional dance, music and drama which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Asha Bhavan Centre

After a delicious lunch we were able to spend some time with the children – you could see the happiness they felt by us being there. The staff gave us a short presentation about Asha Bhavan widening our knowledge on the organisation and what we can do to help. After the presentation we went to their workshop and were able to buy some of the wonderful gifts the children had created. We were then able to spend some more time with the children, playing games and taking photos. All our hearts were deeply touched by the children and not one of us wanted to leave. It is sad to see that these children who have so much love to give are shunned by the society they are born into. The centre provides them with a loving family network which we ourselves felt part of today.

Asha Bhavan Centre

Asha Bhavan Centre

The website for the Asha Bhavan Centre can be found in our external links on the right hand side of the page.

We are looking forward to another early start tomorrow as we are off to Mass with Mother Teresa’s sisters at 6am. We will be leaving the hundreds of candles we brought over from England for Mother’s tomb.


Kathy O'Brien

@ 4385 days ago

Hi Siobhan and everyone,
It sounds a wonderful day and the children obviously touched your hearts. You also learnt a lot as well. The children look delightful and very happy. It’s very hard to understand how people can be so cruel and heartless to others less fortunate.
Another wonderful day to look forward to tomorrow and another early start. Hopefully you’ll get a good nights rest. I’m sure tomorrow will be enlightening and it will be nice to see Mother Teresa’s tomb in person. Say a prayer for all of us back here in good ol blighty.
Tonight I’m off to Arti’s Mehndi Night which will be a completely new experience and I know Arti will want to know how your trip is going. Her wedding is on Saturday so will tell you all about it.
Lots of love to you and all the group. Hugs and kisses Mum xxXXxxXXxx

The Lamb Family, Vienna , Austria

@ 4384 days ago

Hi Siobhan

Just to let you know that we have been following your wonderful journey.

We are in no doubt that this is a life changing experience that will leave you with some fantastic memories. You will also discover that the world is indeed round.
Can’t wait to here about it first hand even if it’s as we pass each other at the airport.

Jess has just had a successful audition and call back and has been cast in one of the lead roles in her school play.

Sophie has just played her first duet on the flute with her music teacher.

So all well here.

Take care

The Lambs

Maggie & Malc Stacey

@ 4384 days ago

Hi Grace

I’ve got three visitors here!!

Bonjour says one of them, can you guess who they are?

Juju says I’m enjoying being at Nanny’s house and today we went ot the park.

Lara says Hello Grace We’re having a lovely time hope to see you soon, hoipe that we will be in the pool swimming soon!!! shame its only February.

The pictures are great. Have you been well? How are the curries?

Peter is not here he is hiding in France but is having trouble with his heating!!!

Love to you

God Bless

Mum and Dad and Faby

xXx FraNceScA xXx

@ 4384 days ago

WOWI lookz like another amazing day, u must all be feeling very fulfilled knowing what happiness you’re bringing to these children, it looks very touching x
Feels like you’ve been on this wonderful journey forever and a day!! can’t wait til next week Siobhan – Nelly Furtado, Mary Poppins AND ashleyzzzzzz!!
2moro soundz like another fantastic experience and make the most of it!!

I GOT IN2 BOURNEMOUTH UNI!!! wooooooo found out today, well chuffed. Got a stinking cold and went in2 work all day, my manager was constantly trying to send me home and i was like nooooo i need money for my holiday lol

just about 2 go n watch The Devil Wears Prada on DVD lol hope you are all well n not missing home too much!

Shane-countdown to your bday!!

Loadza Love xxxxxxxxxxx huggles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps Siobhan- Mrs Scott came in2 my shop today hehe xxx

barbara & peter oliver

@ 4384 days ago

hello kats mum again just typed whole msg and then it got stuck so i’ll try once more then? i’ll try to ring you tomorrow -day off -when you going to be at hotel? saw pearl and marion today they send their love and so does evryone.they think you must be having such a wonderful experience! loved the pics of the children and the dancing did you pick up any moves? big bro just popped in he says hello x hope to talk to you before you go off camping then loadsa love as always enjoy tomorrow luv you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@ 4384 days ago

ah another interesting – and touching – day.
the whole artificial limbs must have been weird! but obviously interesting as you stated!

another good set of photos, and the plans for tomorrow sound very good, despite the early finish!

keep it up,
take care

love BELL


@ 4384 days ago

half term in nearly over :(
see you’re having many adventures
had a lovely curry with josh last night but expect you are sick of indian food by now!
x x x


@ 4384 days ago


Sounds like you’ve had yet another amazing day! The artificial limbs part sounds fascinating and I bet you’re glad you’re going to get rid of those candles – will no doubt make the suitcases much lighter!
Liz – we have found some nice places for our holiday – you’ll have to give us your approval when you return!
Have a lovely time tomorrow!


ThE rAnDs AnD tHe DeVlInS

@ 4384 days ago

hello tricia
u ok
lorraine has been round and just gone she has got a wedding tomorrow and she might pop round sunday to say goodbye. i cant bielieve ure coming home on wednesday it went so quick.
anyway missing you loads
luv yoo lots from
the rands and the devlins..x

Kevin O'Shea

@ 4384 days ago

Hello All

Hope its all going well, the diary entries are fantastic, Im so jealous of you all. Time seems to be flying by. Off to the tiger reserve soon I’m guessing- bring me back a watch-cat please bruvva!!!

All is the same en Angleterre, nothing strange or exciting- and Ive managed to avoid crashing mums car so far, so thats a bonus.

Keep calling when you can, I love hearing the news. Take it easy everyone- and EMBRACE it!!!




@ 4384 days ago

Hay kat, sorry i wasnt in earlier, me and pete went into london for the day! hope you try again tho! would love to hear from you! :)
Wow you guys never stop! there always seems to be another center that is longing for people to visit and bring some high sprits with them! and by the sounds of it you could keep on going back everyday! :D what you are doing is fantastic! keep it up guys!!
i would love to see a group photo of you in the indian clothes you got! from what i have seen before im sure they are beautiful and very colourful!
Good luck with the next leg for your journey! (and the early starts! :p)
happy belated valentines to all btw!! huugs! :p
Mimi! xxxxx huuug!

Kathy O'Brien

@ 4384 days ago

Hello Siobhan and all,
You are nearly through your day and I bet is was uplighting and rewarding. I went to Arti’s Mehndi evening last night which was lovely. This is where the bride gets her hands and feet is she wishes decorated for her wedding. The designs are drawn onto her skin with henna. All the guests were also able to get some done as well although not as elaborate as Arti. I also had my hand painted so you’ll all see it at the airport – apparently it can last up to 6 weeks!! My friend Manesh from work had warned me beforehand that I should get it done on the palm of my hand so it wasn’t so noticeable, but of course I forgot and it is on the top of my hand. Hey Ho.
Arti’s neice Fariah is going to do a special Indian dance at the wedding on Saturday and she was telling me all about it, she is 7 and so excited.
Well I must get on and do some work and will catch up with your day later.
Lots of love Mum xxXxxx

sophie bainton

@ 4384 days ago

hey guys i tried to leave a messgae earlier but think was blonde and forgot to press submit hahaha

sounds like you all had another great day! keep on going ur doing great all of you!

sorry for the shortness of the messgae am having a quick break from re revision oh the joys of sociology and psychology’s challenges to religion i bet that is wot you guys want to be doing really lol!

look forward to the next entry loads of love xxxxx