Welcome to the website for St Joan's trip to India in 2009

4 January 2009


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our Trip 2009 website, in anticipation of our visit to India in February. We hope to be able to provide all our readers with an insight into our journey as we travel through India by publishing a daily (where technology allows) diary written by the students along with photographs taken by us thoughout the day.

At the top of the page is our countdown to our departure.

The Group

The group that will be going to India to visit Udayan includes 9 past and present students, Mrs Weldon, Miss Devlin and Kathryn Spink. To read about each of the people please click on their name in the sidebar or below.

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Chris Mann

@ 3616 days ago

Welcome to the 2009 Trip Website.

Dom Weldon

@ 3607 days ago

Good luck everyone! You must all be looking forward to it….I’m sure it’ll be quite amazing from what I have heard of the previous two trips. Enjoy it and take care of my Mum! Haha

Siobhan O'Brien

@ 3600 days ago

Hey Caroline,

Just thought I would post a little message to wish you and all the guys who are going to India a very safe, happy and blessed trip. I can’t believe it was two years ago that we all went out there!! I must admit to being very jealous at not being able to go with you this time around. It was the most wonderful experience I have had and the memories I have from that trip are truly unforgettable. I hope that you all have a fab time and enjoying meeting the children of Udayan. They are all little angels who will most definitely steal your hearts!

I will be keeping up to date with your trip via the daily diary, so I hope the internet will run smoothly for you :-) I will most probably be so addicted to it that I will turn into my mother from two years ago – posting a message every single day!!

Give my love to all at Udayan. Take care and have fun!
Lots of love
Siobhan x x x

Rebecca Rand

@ 3597 days ago

Hello There Trish :)

Hope You Are Having Fun Out There!

None Of My Comments Have Been Coming Through, But I Have Left You One Every Day As I Promised ;)

I Bet Your Nice And Hot In India!

Im Freezing! I Think That I Have Been Warmer Skiing!

Had 2 Days Off Because Of The Snow, And So Has Your School!

Nana And Grandad Are Doing Fine, I Went Down Last Night To Make Them There Chicken Chausser, That Was Lovely!

Anyways, I Hope You Have A Great Time Today! :D

Lots Of Love,

Rebecca xxxxxxxxxx

Rebecca Rand

@ 3597 days ago

Just One More Thing, My Comments Have Not Been Coming Through Because I Forgot To Put My E-mail Address In!

They Come Through Now :)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Patricia McNamara

@ 3585 days ago

Hi Daniel,
Hope you are having a nice time and are enjoying the experience of India.
Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you this week. Love Mum xx

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