A day in Agra!

5 February 2009

This morning we caught a train at 6 o’clock which went very quickly as we all slept through the 2 hour journey. We were picked up at Agra station by our new guides and taken to The Park Plaza, our new hotel. After an hour of settling in, we made our way through Agra to the Taj Mahal!! We were shown around by an amazing guide called Haji who was really knowledgeable and helped us to take the most beautiful pictures. It really is awe-inspiring and it exceeded all of our best expectations. So much skill and effort went in to building it; every detail was complicated, but perfect. We could have stayed there all day but sadly we had to leave as we had camels ready to take us back to the coach. Then we had a light Indian delicious lunch at our gorgeous hotel.

This afternoon, we went to The Itimad-ud-daulah, better known as ‘Baby Taj’, (even though it was built before it), which was also extremely beautiful. Like The Taj Mahal, the architecture uses perfect symmetry, including all the gardens. After this, we went to The Agra Fort which was where the Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal creator, spent the last years of his life imprisoned by his son. We also saw how they built the entrance at an angle so that no one would be able to shoot directly in and to stop elephants from charging. It was such an impressive fort that no invaders ever attempted an attack on the fort. It was brilliant to think that even so many years ago they were incredibly clever with their architecture, in some ways better than what it is today.

Then we got the chance to go and see the descendents of the builders who worked on the stone work of the Taj Mahal. They still use the same techniques, taught only to the son of the family so that no one could steal the art form. The detail and incredible stone that they use is magical to the eye and left us simply in owe of their magnificent talent.


Frank Long

@ 3697 days ago

Hello everyone,
Taj Mahal looks absolutely incredible. Im green with envy! I hope everyone is keeping well and that the train ride back to Delhi goes quicly for you. Katherine, I hope you start to feel better soon.Love you.xxx

Rebecca, Emily & Matthew Rand

@ 3697 days ago

Hey Everyone!

We Hope You Had Great Fun At The Taj Mahal!

The Pictures Are Great!

We’ve Had 4 Days Off Because Of The Snow!

Have A Fantastic Day Tommorow!

Lots Of Love

The Rands


steve ridley

@ 3697 days ago

i think many of us are having an indian experience at home, here road networks and railways can become impassable at a moments notice, only a minority of children seem to go to school and there is six inches of snow everywhere. well two out of three isn’t bad.


Juliette O'Beirne

@ 3697 days ago

Looks absolutely amazing! I hope to get there some day! Anybody get a kiss from that handsome camel?
lots of love

Thelma & David Jeffers

@ 3697 days ago

Beautiful photographs – we are enjoying reading about all the places you are visiting. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Thinking of you all.
Best wishes
Thelma and David
PS: There is no snow in Sittingbourne today – at least not yet!

jan ridley

@ 3697 days ago

It was so lovely to see pictures of you all. What an eventful week you have had. Are you enjoying curry for breakfast, Em?

Love from Mum and Dad

Roberta Boxshall

@ 3697 days ago

You all look so happy at the Taj Mahal! Love the camelmobile! Trust everything is OK and everyone is well. (I can’t believe you’ve already been in India more than a week!) Two inches more of snow here today and St Joan’s is closed again along with many other schools in the country because of dangerous roads and pavements. The Severn Bridge had to be closed because of large lumps of ice falling from the overhead cables on to cars and smashing windscreens! Nobody killed thank heaven! At the museum it has all melted though: falling as rain. Love you. Mum and dad x

Roberta Boxshall

@ 3697 days ago

PS You have developed amazing juggling abilities Amy….and strength….balancing Emma on your hand like that! x

Katherine Oliver

@ 3694 days ago

hello again, :)
my internet has been failing me to keep up…
but these pictures are wonderful, looks like you have had an amazing time!

and, Amy where did you buy the tiny replica of Emma? haha, made out of marble is she?

Take care…

Natalie Boxshall and James Latham

@ 3693 days ago

Wow – this looks amazing – it sounds like you had a really great day. Amy and Emma love the funny perspective pic of you holding Emma xxx