The Sunderban Islands

13 February 2009

We have spent the last two days exploring the Sunderban Islands. We had a two and a half hour coach journey followed by a two and a half hour boat journey to our Tiger Camp. We all enjoyed the boat journey, especially as we had some time to sit in the sun and relax. It was also nice to see some of rural India and get out of the cities. When we arrived, we were provided with lunch, and then shown to our “tent”, which was actually a lot more modern than traditional camping; there was a toilet and lights. We spent the afternoon back on the boat, where we sailed to a Watch Tower on one of the Islands to keep a look out for tigers and other wildlife. We saw deer, wild boar and lots of interesting birds. Sadly, no tiger sightings, although there had been a sighting recently! In the evening, we were entertained by some traditional Indian dancers, which was definitely an experience. Afterwards, we headed back to the tents for a good night’s sleep. The next morning, we were up at 6am to get to the Watch Tower, in case there were some tigers taking a drink from the Watering Hole. Again, we were unlucky, and didn’t see any tigers, but it was still a really good and relaxing day. We then went back to camp and ate lunch and got back on the boat to return to our hotel in Kolkata.

Sorry for the lack of photos today, this is due to technical difficulties. We will try to solve the problem.


Siobhan O'Brien

@ 3689 days ago

Hey guys!!

Sorry there was no tigers!! We never got to see any either!! I am slightly suspicious as to whether there are actually any tigers there at all?!? HHmmmm?? I wonder…

The pictures of you at Udayan were lovely. They brought a tear to my eye as I remembered the time that we spent there. It is such an amazing place and I am so glad that you are getting to experience it. The children there are all so full of love and it was lovely to see how happy the teddy bears made them :D

Take care and stay safe

All my love x x x x x x x x x

Grace Stacey

@ 3689 days ago

Hey guys me again,

Dont worry I got to my lecture even though I was so attached to reading the journey and didn’t want to leave, just thought i’d let you know hehe!!!
The sunderbans are in such a beautiful place, unfortunately the tigers are hiding very well!! Glad you are all safe and enjoying your days in India- treasure every moment.
Gough- it’s the end of RAG week and it has been fun but you havent missed anything too exciting except amazng hypnotism last night- was soooo scary and freaky.
Jen- miss you, hope you are coping with eating, don’t want to see you wasting away!!
Enjoy your time at the Fairlawn Hotel- it is so friendly and welcoming. Enjoy every moment with the children.
Hope to have a big catch up when you all get back all the 3 groups that have gone to India now should have a get together when you are all back.

Love to you all, stay safe and well xxxxx

p.s. mine is longer then Siobhan’s woooo haha.

Natalie Boxshall and James Latham

@ 3689 days ago

Hey guys

It sounds as if you are having an amazing time. All the photos of you at Udayan are really lovely and your stay at the Sunderban Islands sounds really awesome. A shame there were no tigers, but boats and tents and general soaking up of nature still sounds relaxing and fun. I’m jealous of all the cool birds you must have seen – I’ve seen some lovely kingfishers in Thailand though so that’s been good.
Anyway – I hope you all enjoy your last 5 days – I can’t believe it has flown by so fast.
Amy – big hug and a kiss. Miss you loads (you would be so impressed with me I’ve been looking after my nails! ha ha)
Love to all,

Natalie xxxx

Roberta Boxshall

@ 3687 days ago

Oh, I realise now, we have looked at the Sunderbans pictures before the diary and now our comments look a bit silly. Glad you saw such interesting wildlife and shame about the tigers! Love mum and dad x x x