Kathryn Spink

10 October 2010

Kathryn Spink was born in the Himalayas and as the author of biographies of Mother Teresa, Dom Bede Griffiths, Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and others associated with the subcontinent, has been travelling to India for research purposes for longer than she cares to acknowledge! She is also the translator from French into English of Dominique Lapierre’s international best-seller, “City of Joy”. It was through her friendship with Dominique that she first became involved with Udayan and, together with her husband, formed the “Friends of Udayan”. In 2005, 2007 and 2009 she accompanied the group from Saint Joan of Arc School to assist with her knowledge of India and introduce them to contacts and friends along the way. She is the managing trustee of “Dominique Lapierre City of Joy Aid, England”, the umbrella charity with responsibility not only for Udayan but also for numerous other centres of humanitarian aid in and around Kolkata. In addition to again providing experienced support for the group, her purpose this time, as on previous occasions, is to visit some of these centres on behalf of the charity.