Jamie Palmer

10 October 2010

Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m currently finishing off my last A-level at Joan of Arc, Media Studies, having already completed my Psychology and Business Studies A-levels. As well as this I’m working full-time at a local pub and will hopefully be going to university to study Advertising and Marketing.

Udayan became a constant thought throughout my school life as there was never a fundraiser very far away. In years 10 and 11 Mrs Weldon became my form tutor and I became more aware of the work of Udayan because of this. My interest in Udayan grew and in year 12 I decided to put my name forward for this very trip. Not long after, yet another fundraiser had been arranged and I was keen to go as it was just after the last trip and we would find out about that group’s experience. After this evening I knew I wanted to go, the experiences the group talked of sounded amazing and some of the video footage shown really blew me away, especially the smiles on all of the children’s faces. I hope to gain the experience of a lifetime from this trip and provide the children of Udayan with as much happiness and joy as I can.

Now, with not long left to go, I cannot wait to get out there to experience what I am sure will be a mind-blowing two and a half weeks and see those smiles in person.