12 February 2013

The third day of the Indian pilgrimage was spent at Udayan.

The group were unable to publish their diary entry today due to technical difficulties at their current accommodation. Please check back tomorrow when hopefully they will have posted the article!

Thanks for your continued interest in the group’s progress.


The Morans

@ 2229 days ago

Hi Lucy, glad to hear all doing well, hope you’re enjoying it! Look forward to seeing more pictures of your amazing adventure!!! We hope everyone else is okay! Hows the curry? is it hot? haha.. Hope the children enjoyed their gifts and that they were excited to see you all!!!! Good luck to all and have a fantastic time and what a memory to have!!! love to all xxx more pics please!!! :) xxxxx

Bobbie & Helena !

@ 2228 days ago

WE MISS YOU !!!! Drama isnt the same without you (lucy) hope your all having a wonderfull time and eating all the yummy curry! Keep taking lots and lots of pictures :) missing you like crazy and its only been 4 days !!! The common room is so empty and quiet without you all, its like half the year has gone to Kalkuta! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Stay safe !!!!

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