13 February 2013

We woke up early to the numerous sounds of Udayan. The day began with breakfast and playing with the children.

After a short while spent chatting and joining in with games, we got on a mini bus to begin the march for the “Leprosy Awareness Programme”. The entire school took part, along with staff, parents of the children and past students. The rally lasted around 2 hours and we battled with cows on the side streets, and cars on the main road! It was all an experience we won’t forget.

Once we reached the end of the march, we began our journey back into the city. We then visited the “Asha Niketan” centre run by Sankar Rakhi for the mentally handicapped. The group of people we met were lovely and friendly; they enjoyed meeting us and we enjoyed meeting them!

Afterwards we visited the house where Gandhi went on his last fast in an attempt to stop the rioting that was taking place between the Muslims and the Hindus at the time of Independence.

We have ended our evening with a VERY spicy meal.


Lesley Ashton

@ 2228 days ago

What lovely happy smiling faces! Just loving seeing all the photos. How lucky we are that technology allows us to see what is happening of the other side of the world so quickly.
Continue to enjoy!
Special wishes to you all and lots of love to Rachel xxx

Alfie Marah

@ 2228 days ago


hope you enjoyed your meal
have a good time
can`t wait to hear what the meal was like

from Alfie

Year 5

@ 2228 days ago

We really hope you enjoyed the march and we can see that this is something very close to your hearts. We saw that the children looked happy, how was it being around them? A great experience we think! We are very interested to know what your next adventure will hold and are you visiting Mother Thereasa’s shrine?
You really are inspiring us with your actions and how you are putting your faith into ACTION.
We hope you are all safe and the food wasn’t too spicy
God bless
Mr Creedon, Mrs Kelly and Year 5

Clive and Eleanor Nicoll

@ 2228 days ago

We are enjoying following the blog, it looks wonderful. Enjoy every minute Jemma.
Love Granny and Grandad.

Maddie and Marcie

@ 2228 days ago


we hope you are all enjoying yourselves! you dont look to sunburnt …yet! you all look so happy and the sun is shining where as it on monday it snowed here! however sadly we did not get a snowday :( Miss Devlins prayers may have been heard! hope to see some more wonderfull photos!

Maddie and Marcie yr 13

p.s Evie
EVIEEEEEEEE! bring me back something or dont bother coming back, hope youre having fun babycakes;) youre gonna go so red its unreal you little ginger!
love you

Jessica Allen

@ 2227 days ago

Hey Luke, looks like your having a great time:) im so jealous that you have sun, it’s freezing over here! Please don’t come back with a tan haha. Well there is a plus side to you being away, we have loads of cookies in the house:D hope your enjoying the experience, and hopefully liking all the curry! Mmm. Well speak soon, lots of love to you and everyone x x

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