16 February 2013

We survived the ‘tour of all tours’ today. We had an air conditioned bus which took us around some very interesting famous sites. We first stopped off at the Botanical Gardens, where the Guinness World Record holding Banyan Tree is located. This is one single tree whose roots have spread to form numerous trees; you have to see it to believe it!! Next was the monument erected in remembrance of those who died in The Black Hole of Kolkata where 123 out of 146 men died. It is placed in St Johns churchyard. Our last part of the tour was at the Queen Victoria Memorial which consisted of a huge marble building that had an exhibition inside. It also had beautiful gardens that we enjoyed walking through. It has become clear to us all that Kolkata was once a beautiful city as evidence of grander times can be seen everywhere.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing and visiting the market again. We are looking forward to a nice early 5:30 start tomorrow morning as we are all going to Mass at a very special place.


Les and Rob

@ 2259 days ago

Hi Jem,
Enjoying looking at all the photos of everyone you look like your having a great time and the house is very quiet with out you! Missing you so much see you on Thursday! Lots of love mum and dad xxxxxx

The Morans

@ 2258 days ago

Hello, great to see you all! the pictures are amazing, we love the one of the trees! you all look happy and we hope you are having the time of your life, taking all this in! such a great experience! cant wait to see you lucy missing you loads, house is quiet without you haha…
everyone take care and have a lovely next few days, speak soon!!

The Ashton's

@ 2258 days ago

Hi there, great to see more fantastic photos and glad you had a good sightseeing tour. Enjoy your very special day tomorrow, very envious! Missing you Rachel, Lots of love Mum, Dad and Daisy xxxxx
Take care all of you and enjoy the next adventure!

Les and Rob

@ 2258 days ago

Hi Jem,
Just want to let you know that watford won 4-0
Love from dad xxxx

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