17 February 2013

We had an early start today for a 6am Mass at The Mother House with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. It was a very calm and peaceful experience that emphasized the impact Mother Teresa has even today. That was followed by a visit to Mother’s tomb, her room and an exhibition of her life.

Despite the unexpected heavy rainfall today, we ventured out this afternoon to the Jain Temple Garden which was absolutely beautiful. The whole of the exterior of the temple is beautifully decorated with brilliant mosaic which really made it look very majestic.

Tomorrow we look forward to returning to Udayan for our last few days!


Brendon Van Rensburg

@ 2224 days ago

the pictures you guys have taken really do look great and it honestly does look like a fantastic opportunity. i am sad that i was unable to go but hope to be able to join on the trip in the future. will be really good to hear your guys thoughts and what happened when you get back :)

adrien brown

@ 2224 days ago

Hi to you all, its wonderful to see you all enjoying yourselves, sharing with the children and experiencing some thing so different.

Kirsten i hope you are doing well, looking forward to some photos. Missing you loads and basil is looking for you.. keep well and see you later in the week.
love you loads

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