The last supper

After a long night of dancing, we had a slower morning as our final day had arrived.

We started our morning by spending some time with the girls after a very emotional night for both us and the children. One by one we created a short video diary to document our time and our feelings towards Udayan. We were joined by some of the children who had tagged to be with us. This reflection allowed us to look back on the most incredible experience over the last two weeks.

Shortly after we gathered as a group to reflect on the trip together and how it could be made even better for future visitors. Safe to say the shower-bucket situation was mentioned! We then met with Director Dipak, Assistant Director Adrija and Chair Emily to have a formal debrief, he thanked us for being here at Udayan and spending time with the children and explained how much we have an impact on their lives. Hearing how much of a difference we make in their lives is so lovely.

We signed a huge banner with our own messages of thanks. After this, we were seated as if a press conference was about to take place. Instead of journalists, we were asked questions from the teachers and staff at Udayan. We shared with them how our lives in England are and how it differs from theirs eg. their education systems, poverty, qualifications and our subjects of study – they were extremely interested in Psychology!

Then… the big farewell. We were greeted by all the children at Udayan who made a tunnel for us to pass through as we walked down the long path from the heart of Udayan to the gate. The children and staff threw flower petals, applauded and cheered as we passed through. Every child and member of staff then assembled on the field to sing their evening prayer of gratitude. It seemed tonight as if the song was for us. If we knew Bengali we would have sang our hearts out for them.

The afternoon made way for an evening of informal farewells in-between room tidying and packing. Our call time is 5am when our journey home begins.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to Udayan whether you’ve been with us through the blog, social media or in personal contact. This place has changed us and continues to change the lives of so many children, who without Udayan would be stuck in a generational cycle of poverty. If you’re able to, please consider a small or regular donation to help the work of Udayan.

Help Us to Help Them

Let’s break the intergenerational cycle of leprosy once and for all. Udayan relies on donations to keep its gates open and rice on the table.

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