Amy Boxshall

8 November 2008

Hi, I’m Amy. The A-Levels I studied were French, Business Studies and Psychology. I finished St Joan of Arc sixth form in May. I’m aiming to go to Nottingham University the year after next to study French. During my gap year, I plan to go travelling to India, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

I got involved in Udayan and in all the fund raising for the first trip as my sister Natalie went on it. I have been very involved over the years in raising money for Udayan itself, helping out in Light Music and Eats 1 & 2, Flavour of India 1 & 2, the barn dances and other fund raising activities.

I can’t wait to meet the children of Udayan and see for myself how the money raised so far is benefiting them. I think I will have unforgettable experiences and I literally cannot wait!!! I hope that our trip will show people how the lives of the children are so much better than they would be without Udayan, and how their money could help keep the home open.