Jenny Smyth

8 November 2008

Hi I’m Jenny Smyth. I left St Joan of Arc last year and am currently taking a gap year. I am working in a pub at the moment, which I love. It gives me the chance to meet lots of people of all ages and from all walks of life. In September I am going to Chichester University of Performing Arts, which I just can’t wait to do.

I have always wanted to travel and I think this trip is the best way as it has a purpose.

I have helped out with Udayan fundraising schemes at school for over four years and have enjoyed doing each and every one of them, even dishing up 150 plates of chilli!

I am very excited about the opportunity of going to India. I realise I have been given the chance to do something that a lot of people can only dream of, so I am very lucky and hope to make the most of the opportunity. I am really looking forward to seeing Udayan and meeting the children there.

We are going to keep a running record of all the activities and progress of our team through India so look out for our daily diary!