Asha Bhavan Centre

14 February 2009

Last night, as a treat we went to the Oberoi Hotel for a drink. It was really special and we had a really good night (even though we could only afford one drink). On the way back from the Hotel, we picked up our Salwars that we have had specially made for us to wear at Udayan.

This morning, we were picked up by a member of staff from the Asha Bhavan Centre – an institution dedicated to the rights of vulnerable children and women, particularly those who are physically and mentally challenged. It was inspired by Mr and Mrs Dominique Lapierre under guidance of Brother Gaston Dayanand. It was founded in 1999 and helps to rehabilitate the less able. We were greeted by all the staff and children with garlands and kisses. They provided us with snacks and tea as we met some of the workers. We were then shown a power point presentation about the organisation and all their initiatives, which was really enlightening. Afterwards, we went and saw all the children in their play rooms and rehabilitation rooms.

It was great to have a chance to play with the children; they were all so loving and really grateful that we were there. We were also shown where the prosthetic limbs were made and where the physiotherapy sessions took place.

The centre provided a fantastic lunch, including chicken, rice, prawns, vegetables, rice pudding and much more! Then, we went to the Centre’s shop where all the gifts were home-made by the children, they were absolutely fantastic! They were beautifully crafted and we could have bought the whole shop! They also made their own candles, which were very professional.

Afterwards, they put on a show, consisting of traditional and modern dancing and singing from all the children! They even managed to get us up on the dance floor for a boogie!

Sadly, it was time to leave; we were sorry to go but were all uplifted by the incredible care the children receive. It’s a truly inspirational cause.


Cathleen And Felix Devlin

@ 3688 days ago

Hi Trish :)

Good To Talk To You.

Sorry To Hear About Your Sickness Still!

Hope You Will Be Over It Soon!

It Will Be Kevin Meeting You On Thursday.

Will Have The Keetle Boiled And Bacon Sandwhich Nearly Ready!

Enjoy Your Last Few Days!

Safe Journey Home!

Lots Of Love,



Liz Smyth

@ 3688 days ago

Hey Jen

Just got back from snowboarding and about to have a curry!! Enjoy your last days – can’t wait to see you, really miss you!

Lots of love Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tina,Paul & Alex Slavin

@ 3688 days ago

Hi Katherine,

So sorry to have missed your call, couldn’t put my phone on during friday, I was in a training session all day. I tried to ring you back at lunchtime but couldn’t get through.
Alex has been working at the Brits at Earls Court since friday during the setting up and getting ready for the big day on wednesday.
Can’t wait for you to be home, it feels like you’ve been away an age, really missing you.
Enjoy your last few days everyone.
Lots of love,

Mary Smyth

@ 3688 days ago

Hope you are feeling better Jen. Thought I was the only one to feel you had been gone a long time but seems us mums all feel the same! Libby and Marie are relly enjoying the web-site. All well here.
Enjoy the last few days and keep safe.
Lots of love Mum and Dad

Natalie Boxshall and James Latham

@ 3687 days ago

Hello team

It looks like you are having an amazing time – your day at Asha Bhavan sounds like an inspirational and uplifting one!

Amy – that photo of you is so cute I actually love it! You look really happy so that’s nice to see. We are leaving Thailand today! I can’t believe it. So anyway we are moving on to Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights and then on Thursday we’re going to Borneo – which I’m really excited about (though scared about sleeping in the jungle)

Anyway – I love reading the blog so keep it coming

Love to all of you xxxx

Jan Ridley

@ 3687 days ago

Em, you look great on all the photos. I hope you are as well as you look.
I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Make the most of your last few days.

Love from Mum X

Roberta Boxshall

@ 3687 days ago

Sorry to have been silent for so long: computer problems. You look so delighted with your fabric Amy! I went over to Damien’s yesterday to do a play-reading of Cider with Rosie with her and I think I have a part if I want it. I didn’t really realise I was letting myself in for being cast, so I don’t really know what to do. I must be mad! We love this blog. Can’t wait to read the next installment. Love mum and dad. x x x

Rob Riddleston

@ 3686 days ago

Happy 18th Birthday Stephen – have great day.

I hear you enjoyed playing cricket the other day and were mistaken for Michael Vaughan!!