The Golden Temple

9 February 2011

The Northern Indian sun shone brightly for us as the smell of pancakes wafted from the breakfast room and we enjoyed our first reasonable start to the trip. We travelled by horse and cart to Jallianwala Bagh to learn about the massacre of thousands of peaceful Indian demonstrators in 1919 by British troops following General Dyer’s inhuman orders. We were befriended by many Indians who chatted to us and asked for our pictures, slightly odd in light of the nature of the memorial. We were surprised how tranquil it was inside the memorial in contrast with the hustle and bustle of Indian life.

We moved onto the breathtaking Golden Temple where we were guided around the lake by the soft beat of a Sikh drum and the gentle chanting of the scriptures, the lake bore the reflection of the temple. We bathed in the water underneath a tree where a leper was once miraculously cured. The girls helped prepare the chapattis while the boys stirred the vast caldrons of curry which would later be served to 500 thousand people throughout the day. After peeling scraps of food off our feet, we slowly completed our lap around the Golden Temple before reclaiming our shoes and returning to the mayhem of the Indian streets.

We took the rest of the day for our leisure; some of the braver (Camilla, Jamie, Dominic and Maya) took icy waters that were the swimming pool for a quick dip. After regaining a normal body temperature we all took a tuktuk to the local market.

We are now off to revisit the Golden Temple at nightfall to see the putting to bed Ceremony of the Holy Book, the Guru Grant Sahib.

We will fill you in tomorrow with tonight’s activities.



@ 2963 days ago

Hi all. the photos are great and it is good to see that some of you are ‘working for your supper’ – we’ll hold you to making a curry for us Sabina, Millie and Joe on your return!! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about the ‘putting to bed’ ceremony tomorrow; it all looks so amazing, feeling envious!!! Best wishes and safe travelling to all. x

Ann Palmer

@ 2963 days ago

Again wow! The Golden Temple looks and sounds amazing!

Photo’s are great, keep them coming. Did you manage to recruit any new Watford FC fans boys?

Really looking forward to the next installment.


@ 2963 days ago

Hi everyone,

It looks amazing. I love the photos, makes me wish I was there with you.
Savour every minute x

St Johns Primary school year 5

@ 2963 days ago

We loved the pictures of the Golden Temple. Was the floor hot? We were told that sometimes it can get so hot it burns your feet.We liked all the information about the Golden Temple and we think it’s beautiful. You seemed to be working hard cooking for half a million people. Hope you didn’t have to wash up! Why did you spoil a great photo with a Watford flag Ha Ha ha.
Was the cooking fun? How did the food taste?
What did you think of the Golden Temple?
We really hope you are all soaking up the atmosphere. We are loving the daily messages. Sleep well and God Bless!
Year 5 at St John’s

Miss Devlin, Mrs Dell, Mr Smale, Mr McLaughlin & Mrs D'Urso

@ 2963 days ago

Hello to you all.

We’re enjoying your updates and photos. The whole trip sounds amazing! Looking forward to following your adventures as you continue on your journey. We are missing you all!

Love The Sixth Form Team

Grace Stacey

@ 2962 days ago

Hi everyone,

The trip so far looks amazing, the pictures are such good quality!! I’m sitting at school on a free and all I can think about is how much of an amazing time you are all having and going to have!! Enjoy it, be safe, looking forward to more updates!!!

Grace xxx

Ewa Squire

@ 2962 days ago

Hello you lucky people!

Am loving the daily updates, now a part of my daily ritual – to check up and see what you are all doing. It looks amazing and it’s great to be able to share each day with you.

And yes, the Watford FC emblem goes global!!

Ewa Squire

Famille Guillo

@ 2957 days ago

Salut, Millie et compagnie!

Si contents de vous voir dans de merveilleux paysages ensoleilles… Quelle experience!

Gros bisous