Rally at Udayan and a Tour of Kolkata

19 February 2011

After our 7 o’clock start we were greeted by Robert, one of the house brothers at Udayan, and went on the coach to Udayan where the march was beginning. We arrived to find the children lined up full of anticipation and a readiness to carry out the march to raise the awareness of leprosy as part of the National Anti-Leprosy Week. We started the crusade with Kathryn and Caroline waving flags to encourage the children and lift spirits. As we marched through Barrackpore streets many of the locals came out to support the cause and they appeared interested in the leaflets handed out by the children. Sadly we couldn’t stay with the protest as long as we would have liked as we had a coach awaiting to ferry us back to the hotel ready to begin our tour of Kolkata. As we made our exit we got to look back at the long line of children following us through the town, and we could see all of them were very happy. We left Beverley with the rally as she is staying at Udayan to make preparations for us so our time there is put to best use.

After a quick bite to eat, we met our tour guide Sujoy who took us on a tour around some of the sights Kolkata has to offer. We made our way towards the northern part of the city to visit the house of renowned novelist, painter, songwriter poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore. On the way we were stuck in the unusually busy Saturday traffic but this allowed Sujoy to tell us more about Tagore and his accomplishments such as writing the Indian and Bangladeshi national anthems as well as being the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. We then piled back into the mini van and continued to the Queen Victoria Memorial Hall to tour the galleries of art, historical artefacts and the blooming gardens. The British architecture was evident as features such as its dome bore resemblance to St. Paul’s cathedral and many landmark sites in the U.K as well as its white marble reminding us of our recent visit to the Taj.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Missionaries of Charity Motherhouse for early morning Mass and to visit Mother Teresa’s tomb. We’ll be coming back for breakfast before heading off to Udayan at 9am where we’ll be spending a few days with the children.

We look forward to filling you in on our time at Udayan tomorrow, technology permitting!



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Hi all. I didn’t get to look at your blog yesterday but having seen both yesterday and today’s I felt overwhelmed by all you’ve done. The welcomes that you receive are amazing and Joe’s singing was so moving. We’re so proud of you and all your fellow travellers Sabina. What an incredible job Admiral Wheldon has done in all the organisation that has gone into this. Best wishes and safe travelling to all. x


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Bonjour Millie,
je jette un oeil sur tes différents périples dans ce merveilleux pays, je trouve les couleurs et les gens très accueillants, les visages des enfants sont très beaux, je ne m’imaginais pas ce délice pour la vue et l’esprit, j’espère que tu es bien habituée maintenant et que tu seras utile , ton projet est magnifique, continue à nous donner des nouvelles et de magnifiques pgotos de ces lieux magnifiques, j’aimerai tant y aller , cela me fait réver….. yannick

Hi Millie
Hope the french part will not be remove, joan has written something in french but i can’t see it anymore, i wonder why ??? so have a nice moment there, i love to be with you too, i dream sometimes to visit these marvellous sites like Taj Mahal, take care………… yannick


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Hi Everyone
It’s so moving to hear your recounts of the children in the march – and I’m sure the last few days of your trip will be quite amazing working with the children. What experiences you’ll all be coming home with – can’t wait to hear about them all.

Sending you so much love. We miss you Millie.

Emily Hallett

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I didn’t get to look at your blog yesterday but it must of been a great day! How hot is it over in India? I’ve always dreamed of going to India so please tell me what it’s like! I hope to hear from you!

Lol Emily xxx

christine bernie

@ 2950 days ago

hi everyone hope everything is ok with you all have not had an update since saturday looking forward to seeing you on thursday lots of love joes mum xxx