Our arrival back at London Heathrow marks the end of our journey from what can only be described as a trip of a lifetime! So many amazing memories and bonds made that we will never forget.

After a long night of dancing, we had a slower morning as our final day had arrived. We started our morning by spending some time with the girls after a very emotional night for both us and the children.

Today the emotions of leaving hit like a hot madras with extra chilli. This evening there was to be a gala evening with a cultural programme of entertainment so our attention turned to rehearsals after breakfast.

Today began with Liam’s murder. For those for whom this is their first blog post, you should know that we’re playing an ongoing game of The Traitors, now in season 3!

Back to normality for us waking up this morning no longer in the city but in Udayan which we now call home. The group gathered at breakfast to find out that Amy had been the victim of one of our newfound traitors, some might call this Karama.

Today started with an 5am wakeup call, not in preparation for our return to Udayan, but to join the Missionaries of Charity for mass at the Motherhouse – the headquarters for Mother Teresa’s sisters.

As our first week draws to a close, catch up on the reels Miss Bowden has made of our journey so far…

On our last full day in ‘The City of Joy’, we ventured out on a short tour around Kolkata.

Breakfast in the hotel provided some variety, but once again murder was on the menu as Dcn Liam was seen off by the Traitors. Today we visited two other centres supported by the City of Joy Aid, UK – the umbrella fundraising organisation for Udayan.

What a day! Definitely our busiest so far, jam-packed to the brim! We kicked it off observing a 7am intensive karate session with an even more intense sensei. Breakfast revealed that the Traitors had attempted to murder Michael in the night.